Section G: Personnel
Section G of the NEPN/NSBA classification system contains policies, regulations and exhibits on all school employees except for the superintendent. (Policies on the superintendent are located in Section C, General Administration.)

Policy Regulation Description
GA/STI   Personnel Goals/Priority Objectives
GB/STI   Working Agreements Serve as Policy...Bargaining Units - General Personnel Policies
GBEA/STI   Nepotism
GBEAA/STI   Conflict of Interest - Conflict of Interest Analysis Statement
GBEB/STI   Code of Conduct
GBEBC/STI   Staff Gifts and Solicitation
GBEC/STI GBEC-R/STI Drug-Free Workplace
GBECA/STI GBECA-R/STI Drug and Alcohol Testing for Commercial Drivers/Students
GBECB/STI GBECB-R/STI Alcohol Free Workplace
GBED/STI   Tobacco Free Institute
GBEG/STI   Searches of Employee Personal Property and STI Owned/Provided Property
GBG/STI   Staff Health
GBGA/STI GBGA-R/STI Communicable Diseases/Staff Welfare/Protection
GBGB/STI   Employees' Personal Property
GBI/STI   Staff Participation in Political Activities 
GBJ/STI   Personnel Records and Files 
GBM/STI   Permanent Employees
GCCAC/STI GCCAC-R/STI  Family and Medical Leave
GCS/STI   Royalties - Professional Research and Publishing