Open Door Admissions Policy
Southeast Tech maintains an open door admissions policy and accepts all students who can benefit from the various kinds of instruction available and are at least 16 years of age, have completed their GED, or are high school graduates. Students who are under eighteen years of age and have not graduated from high school must see a Southeast Tech counselor/advisor before being admitted to a credit class. Prospective students who have not completed high school are encouraged to complete their high school education or work toward receiving a GED certification.

Interested in enrolling at Southeast Tech?
Enrolling at Southeast Tech is easy - just follow these six steps:
  1. Complete an Application for Admission indicating both program of study and intended start date. Southeast Tech accepts high school graduates or persons 16 years of age or older, whom have completed a GED. At this time, Southeast Tech does not accept international student applications. At Southeast Tech, students must declare a major upon acceptance. Not sure what career is for you? Click here to take a Career Exploration Assessment before filling out your application.
  2. Submit an official high school transcript or certificate of GED results as well as any college transcripts showing transferable credits. Please request that your official high school/college transcript or GED certificate be sent to Southeast Tech. If your high school records are listed by a different name, have that institution place your current name on your transcript. Students presently in high school may submit partial transcripts if they wish to apply prior to their high school graduation. Upon graduating, a final transcript needs to be sent to Southeast Tech. Download the High School/College Transcript Form. 
  3. Complete all assessments as required by the Admission's Office.
  4. Review prerequisite program requirements.
  5. Pay a $75 non-refundable entrance fee upon acceptance.
  6. Submit immunization information after acceptance. Due to regulations mandated by the State Health Department, medically signed proof of TWO properly administered MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella) immunizations are now required for all new, readmitted and transferred students. History of these diseases is accepted with medical provider verification.

    If you have only one immunization, the required second immunization may be administered not less than one month after the first immunization. Students who fail to provide the required proof of immunizations may be refused class registration until in compliance.

    If you are not able to receive the required MMR immunizations due to medical or religious reasons, you may choose to complete the Exemption Form and return it to the Admission Office.

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Additional Enrollment Information

Meet your Admissions Specialist
As one of the first people you meet, the admissions staff will become your advocate during your college selection and enrollment process. Get to know your admissions specialist's name and face before you meet them in person, or email them now! Your admissions specialist can answer your questions about applying to Southeast Tech, college life and more.