South Dakota Department of Labor and Regulation
The South Dakota Department of Labor can connect you to job opportunities specific to your career field. Receive hands on experience with these businesses while pursuing your degree. To check out current job listings, click here.

Dakota Roots Brings Family and Friends Back Home
Everyone who has ever lived in South Dakota recognizes the great quality of life the state offers. Many more are now recognizing the great career opportunities available as well. Dakota Roots makes it possible to connect individuals with these opportunities so they can make South Dakota their home.

Launched in October 2006, the web-based program found at, has had over 2,600 people from all 50 states indicate their interest in moving to South Dakota given the right career opportunity. Over 540 people from 47 states have found that opportunity and relocated to the state. In addition, 44 businesses have expressed interest in starting up or expanding.

Once registered with Dakota Roots, individuals receive one-one-one assistance from Dakota Roots representatives who will work with them to match their skill sets and desired field of interest to current job openings. The SDWORKS job database currently has over 11,000 to choose from. If interested, the participants can pursue the opportunities directly with the business. The individual’s information remains completely confidential throughout the entire process.

If you, or a family member or friend, want to make South Dakota your place to live, grow, and build, check out or call 800.592.1882 today!