Nancy J. Hughes
President and Chief Operating Officer
The Dunham Company

A 1980 graduate of the Advertising Design program, Nancy J. Hughes is the President and Chief Operating Officer of The Dunham Company located in Sioux Falls, SD.

In 1983, Nancy began her career as a secretary with a small company, The Dunham Company, assisting the owner, Don Dunham, with property management. By the time the company had moved into building projects, she started to work with accounting as well.

Today, The Dunham Company isn’t a small business anymore and Nancy is no longer the secretary. Having proven herself many times over the years, today she heads the company as the President and Chief Operating Officer. As to how her modest start at Southeast Tech helped her on her journey? “Southeast Tech is a little treasure out there that I don’t think everyone is familiar enough with. In my position, I still utilize my advertising and marketing skills every day. Dollar for dollar I think you get a better bang for the buck through a technical school.”