Accessibility and Productivity Tools


Increase your access and productivity by utilizing these valuable tools.


Text to Speech

Software that coverts text to audio.


Adobe Reader               

Adobe Reader has the ability to convert text to speech through its Read Out Loud feature. Read Out Loud can speak the contents of many PDF files and is found under the View tab.


Natural Reader

This easy-to-use software can read just about any kind of text and can also be used to convert the written word into audio files such as MP3 or WAV.


Screen Readers

Different than Text to Speech – these readers convert everything displayed on the screen – icons, hyperlinks, etc. Screen readers are especially helpful to students who are visually impaired.



MathPlayer enables Microsoft Internet Explorer to display mathematical notation in web pages – allowing mathematical expressions to be enlarged and spoken for student with reading disabilities or visual impairments.



A plugin that automatically speaks any Microsoft PowerPoint presentation – allowing you to add instant narration to presentations without the need to record speech.



Like PowerTalk, Wordtalk is a plugin that speaks the text of a document, highlighting the words as it reads.


Additional Software

TextAloud 3
Ultra Hal Assistant
Verbose text to Speech Software

Speech to Text

Speech to text software, also known as voice recognition software, coverts speech to text.


Dictation Pro

Dictation Pro allows an individual to speak into a microphone and prepare letters, reports, and emails.


Google Chrome

Google’s web browser, Chrome, has a speech to text feature built in that allows you to enter text into text boxes, forms, and search engines.


Additional Software


Dragon Naturally Speaking and Dragon Dictate




Magnifiers and Reading Tools


Another Lens

Another Lens displays a magnified view of the area around the mouse cursor.



Fatbits is a fast, compact, and easy-to-use screen magnifier for Windows that is useful for individuals with visual impairments and graphic artists.