Safety & Security
Southeast Tech places great emphasis on ensuring a safe and secure environment for our students. This is especially true for those students choosing to live in Southeast Tech Housing. We take pride in knowing we offer a staff of professionals and additional services that distinguish our housing facilities from other apartments in Sioux Falls.

Live-In Housing Staff
Southeast Tech has two full-time, live-in professionals who are available 24/7 for assistance. Because these staff members live on-site they are available at short notice for any type of assistance. With years of experience in residential housing, our staff is well prepared to handle all issues that can arise in our apartments. Regular office hours give residents easy access to staff during the day and emergency on-call cell phones are used in the evenings and on weekends.

Campus Security
Southeast Tech has a staff of full-time security officers who are available to serve the entire Southeast Tech community. Their office in the Mickelson Center is used during the day and during the evening they are located right here in Housing! Our Campus Security officers are licensed law enforcement officers with the Minnehaha County Sheriff's Department.  They have full arrest authority should that need arise. In addition to monitoring the campus for safety issues they are available for a variety of educational and access needs.

Controlled Entrances
All apartment entrances have controlled access. Southeast Tech Housing residents are issued key fobs which allow entrance to our facilities. Non-residents must contact a current resident in advance to enter the apartments which virtually eliminates unwanted guests entering the buildings.

Video Surveillance
Video surveillance cameras have been installed in all common areas, making it easy to monitor traffic in and around our buildings. Their presence is a great deterrent and in the rare case when issues do arise, it is easy to identify individual(s) who are responsible for problems. As a result, residents will find our buildings to be a quiet, peaceful location conducive to academic success.