Housing Application Timeline
  1. Finalize Acceptance into Academic Program. Future Southeast Tech students must be officially accepted into an academic program to be eligible to apply for Southeast Tech Housing. Once your acceptance is finalized you will receive an official Southeast Tech Acceptance Letter. Included with this mailing will be the Southeast Tech Housing Application.
  2. Complete and return the Southeast Tech Housing Application. The Southeast Tech Housing Application is also available online for those students officially accepted into an academic program.
  3. When Southeast Tech receives your application, you will be sent a mailing which includes a housing contract and a Roommate Preference Form.
  4. Sign and return the Housing Contract along with the Roommate Preference Form. Because we fully expect to fill all spaces within Southeast Tech Housing, it is important that you complete and return the housing contract in a timely manner. Changes can be made to the Roommate Preference Form any time prior to July 1st.
  5. Submit your Housing Deposit ($100.00) along with your Housing Contract and Roommate Preference Form.
  6. When Southeast Tech receives the signed housing contract, you will be sent a confirmation letter which will inform you of your Southeast Tech Housing status. Students with "accepted" housing status are assured of a place within Southeast Tech Housing. Students with "waiting list" status will be notified if/when a space becomes available.
  7. Housing assignments for new residents are made during the middle of July. Students who have not paid the damage deposit by June 30th will not be assigned a space, regardless of their original status.
  8. Assignment letters, including location and roommate contact information, are sent by the last week in July.

 "Wait-listed" Students

Because of the high demand for Southeast Tech apartments, some students will be “wait-listed” when they apply for housing. Our complex has a maximum capacity of 200 students, and once that number is reached, any student applying after the complex reaches capacity will be placed on the wait list.

Being placed on the wait list does not necessarily mean you will not be placed in housing. As the fall semester approaches, some students who previously were awarded a spot in housing change their plans, and additional spots open up. Additionally, spots may become available throughout the year as current tenants move out. If you are placed on the wait list and a spot in housing becomes available, Southeast Tech staff will contact you by phone or email to inquire about your interest in moving into the complex.