Tips for Success in Housing
Everyone wants to have a positive living experience while in college. Unfortunately, many lose track of the control they have in their living environment and instead focus on perceived shortcomings of their roommates. By doing what you can to be a good roommate you can help ensure a positive experience in Southeast Tech Housing. Here are a few things to keep in mind.
Get to Know Your Roommates
Start to communicate with your roommates as soon as you have their contact information. Where are they from? What will they be studying? What are their hobbies and interests? What items might they be able to bring for the apartment? If you expect your roommates to care about you, you must care about your roommates.
Talk About Expectations
Mind reading is only possible in the movies. Without clearly stating expectations, it is likely that there will be issues that arise between roommates. As a group you should set aside a night at the beginning of the semester to discuss topics which have the potential to cause friction. Sharing personal belongings and food, keeping the apartment clean, frequency of overnight guests and noise levels within the apartment are all good topics to discuss right up front.

Follow Southeast Tech Housing Policies
When a policy is violated within an apartment, all residents of that apartment could be held responsible for the violation of the policy. If you as an individual choose to violate a policy you are putting all of your roommates at risk and therefore are not being a considerate roommate. One of the best ways to be a ‘good roommate’ is to be sure to avoid violating policy.

Communicate Concerns
If one or more of your roommates are doing things that upset you, it is your responsibility to communicate that with your roommate(s). The best time to do this is the FIRST time the behavior occurs. If you wait until the behavior has happened several times, your frustration level may affect the manner in which you communicate in a negative way. If you address issues when they are truly ‘not a big deal’, your odds of achieving your desired outcomes are greatly enhanced.

Get To Know Staff Members
Housing staff have regular office hours and are here to help you with any issue you may be facing. Get to know them. Stop by during their office hours. Attend housing social events. Establishing a positive working relationship with staff members from the start will help you feel more comfortable going to them in your times of need and could help those situations go more smoothly.

Check Your Southeast Tech Email Account
By sending important information via email, Southeast Tech Housing staff can (1) get that information to all residents very quickly, (2) act in a manner which is environmentally responsible and (3) to document that this information was provided in a timely manner for all residents. For these reasons housing staff will also distribute all critical information using their Southeast Tech Email accounts. Because you will be held accountable for all information sent in this manner, you should get in the habit of checking this email account a minimum of once daily. Failing to check your email will not be seen as an acceptable excuse for being unaware of important information and/or deadlines.