Jason Bortnem
HMO Product Manager, DAKOTACARE
Class of 1999
Degree: Financial Services


“I had great instructors, most of which had direct experience in the subjects they taught. This provided valuable and usable information that has helped me succeed. I was looking for a fast and affordable way to enter the workforce and Southeast provided the answer.”
–Jason Bortnem

Navigating Secure Financial Futures

Jason Bortnem works to help others protect their hard-earned assets.

Jason grew up learning that helping people is a good thing. As the son of a healthcare professional, teacher and a member of a farming family; it was only natural that he chose to pursue a field that he could ensure fiscal security for his clientele.

After a brief interlude as a traditional college student following high school, Jason enlisted in the US Army where he spent three years as an active duty soldier. He shares, “It was the right choice for me at the time because I just wasn’t ready for college.” After completing his service however, he was ready to move forward with furthering his education and his career.

“I had previously spent three years in the military in which I had become accustomed to an income with great benefits,and I felt the need to get my career started to maintain my lifestyle. I thought Southeast was the perfect choice to obtain a degree with only a two-year commitment. In addition, it gave me a chance to ‘catch up’ with other people my age who were pursuing their bachelor’s degrees.”

And catch up he did. After earning his Financial Services Associates in Applied Science degree, he accepted a full-time position with Wells Fargo. He remembers, “I felt this urge to go back to school and complete my bachelor’s degree. It was something I always wanted to do and I was happy to discover it was a very easy process. I enrolled in the University of Sioux Falls and they took all my Southeast credits and it was a smooth transition. In another two years I was able to complete a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration.”

Today, Jason has established his career with DAKOTACARE in Sioux Falls as an HMO Product Manager. “I’m able to assist people with selecting benefits that will cover any potential medical situations and protect the assets they have worked so hard to obtain. It’s a very rewarding career.”