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At the heart of your Tech experience will be an academic program that’s been crafted with the input of area employers to meet the specific needs of 21st-century business and industry. We offer more than 50 career-focused programs that will put you on a fast-track to your future, guided by experienced faculty who have a passion for teaching, and delivered with the flexibility and convenience that matters to you.

Class Registration 
Registering for class is simple! Students who are starting in the fall term will register for classes at our spring and summer New Student Orientation sessions. Students starting classes in January will register at a similar session in December. Information will be mailed to students several weeks prior to the first session. You can select a date and register via mail or online. If you're a current student, just meet with your Academic Advisor prior to registering each semester.

Advanced Placement (AP) Scores
Southeast Tech is happy to accept AP scores! Advanced Placement (AP) courses are typically offered at the high school level. Students take the course while in high school and then complete the AP test at the end of the course. If you score “3” or higher and are a degree-seeking student at Southeast Tech, you may be eligible for credit.

Your AP score report will be sent to Southeast Tech when you place our school code (7054) on your test registration application. When Southeast Tech receives the AP score report, the student will be notified in writing of the allowable credits. There is no cost to transcript the AP course on the students’ transcript.

Contact the Admission Office at 605.367.6040 to determine if you are eligible for credit for your AP course(s).

Academic Calendar
Our Academic Calendar lists important dates and deadlines for you.

Student Success Advisors
Student success is our goal at Southeast Tech. Your first year in college can be full of new transitions, choices, and questions. In order to help you be successful, every Southeast Tech student is assigned to a Student Success Advisor who can answer your specific questions and help make the transition to college a smooth one for you.