Southeast Tech Laptop Required

Students in Southeast Tech Laptop Required programs are required to purchase a laptop through Southeast Tech. These programs require the use of a high-end laptop and software. The laptop that you purchase will be based on your major. Students in Media Design and Digital Media Production will purchase a MacBook Pro. All other Southeast Tech Laptop Required students will purchase an HP ZBook.

Laptop Specifications and Pricing
Proposed Models 2017-2018

Backpack included with all new laptop purchases

HP ZBook 15 G4
For students in Southeast Tech laptop required programs in Institute of Advanced Technologies and Institute of Engineering Technology

MacBook Pro
For students in Digital Media Production Technology and Graphic Media Design Technology programs

CPU Intel Core i5-7440HQ – Quad Core 2.8 GHz Intel Core i7-6700HQ – Quad Core 2.6GHz
8 GB DDR4 2400 MHz 16 GB – 2133MHz LPDDR3
Hard Drive
256 GB PCIe ZTurbo SSD
512 GB SSD
Battery Lithium-Polymer 9 Cell – 90 Watt Hour (supports HP Fast Charging) Built-in Lithium-Polymer – 76 Watt Hour
Networking Intel 8265 ac AirPort Extreme (802.11 AC)
Video Card NVIDIA Quadro M1200 with 4 GB dedicated GDDR5 video memory AMD Radeon Pro 450 – 2 GB GDDR5
3 year parts and labor with limited accidental damage protection. Batteries have a 3 year
warranty from the purchase date from HP.
3 year parts and labor without accidental damage. Batteries have a 3 year warranty from the purchase date from Apple.
Display 15.6-inch LED FHD (1920 x 1080) 15.4” Retina Display
Price $1,520 + tax $2,915 + tax
Purchasing your Southeast Tech Laptop

Incoming students in Southeast Tech Laptop Required programs will be automatically billed for the laptop needed for their major. The full purchase price of the laptop will be billed in the first semester, and any excess Financial Aid a student has received will be applied to the cost of the laptop.
Students will receive their Southeast Tech laptops at JumpStart. The laptop will be pre-configured to include the software necessary for the student’s selected major. If a student is starting classes in the summer, they will be able to bring their own laptop for the summer term or rent a laptop for the summer from Southeast Tech. New laptops are unavailable for purchase for the summer term.

Warranty and Support Information

Southeast Tech laptops come with a 3 year manufacturer warranty to cover parts and labor in case of manufacturer defect or mechanical failure. During the 3 year period, the IT Support Center will provide complete hardware warranty support for the original purchaser of laptops purchased through Southeast Tech, regardless of current enrollment status. Students are responsible for repair charges not covered under the manufacturer warranty.

While a student is enrolled, the IT Support Center will also provide full software support including virus and malware removal. After a student graduates or terminates enrollment, limited software support is available. This includes reloading original software from the manufacturer or assisting with updated driver installations. 

Loaner laptops are available free of charge for currently enrolled Southeast Tech students while their laptop is at the IT Support Center for service.

Lost or Stolen Laptops

A stolen laptop is a criminal offense and must be reported to law enforcement and the Southeast Tech IT Support Center immediately. The IT Support Center will provide the serial number and model to a student whose laptop has been stolen. Students will be required to complete a theft report with the police department. The report number and police department the report was filed with must be provided to the Southeast Tech IT Support Center. Students will be responsible for any remaining payments under the Conditional Sales Agreement, and will also need to work with their instructors and the IT Support Center to ensure that they still meet the requirements of their program. Since loss and theft are not covered under the manufacturer warranty, Southeast Tech highly recommends that students insure their laptop against loss or theft, which can usually be done through a homeowner's or renter's insurance policy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Q. Is the laptop purchased through a lease to own program?
A. No. Students purchasing a Southeast Tech laptop will complete a Conditional Sales Agreement. This is the best way to address software license requirements for student laptops. Southeast Tech enters into license agreements with software vendors to provide software access for our students. The agreements allow access to the software at a rate that is far below what students would pay if they purchased the software on their own. Under the software license agreements, software must be installed on a computer owned by Southeast Tech. For this reason, the Conditional Sales Agreement specifies that ownership of the laptop remains with Southeast Tech until the conditions of the contract are met.

Q. If a student terminates enrollment or withdraws, can the laptop be returned or sold back to Southeast Tech?
A. No, the laptop cannot be returned unless the student drops all of their courses during the initial add/drop period for the term in which they purchased the laptop. In that case, the student must return the laptop in like-new condition prior to the end of the add/drop period with all discs, manuals, and accessories. If a student terminates enrollment or withdraws after the initial add/drop period, they must contact the Southeast Tech IT Support Center to have Southeast Tech licensed software removed per the terms of the Conditional Sales Agreement.

Q. Once a student graduates or leaves Southeast Tech, does the student get to keep the software installed on the laptop?
A. No. Students must contact the Southeast Tech IT Support Center per the terms of the Conditional Sales Agreement to remove Southeast Tech licensed software and to complete the official bill of sale to transfer ownership of the laptop to the student. The original operating system that the laptop had when received from the manufacturer will remain. Students will have 2 weeks after their last class to have Southeast Tech software removed. If the software is not removed, a hold will be placed on the student's account and they will be contacted to make arrangements to remove the software before it deactivates.

Q. If I am a student returning to Southeast Tech, can my program software be installed on my previously purchased Southeast Tech laptop?
A. If you are the original owner of the laptop purchased from Southeast Tech, the laptop is still under warranty, and the laptop is currently supported for use in your program, Southeast Tech will install program-specific software as needed. 

Q. Does a student who enrolls in just one laptop required class have to purchase a laptop?
A. No. Students who are enrolled in less than 6 credits at Southeast Tech are not required to purchase a laptop, even if they are in a Southeast Tech Laptop Required program. The student will need to determine their individual needs in order to meet their course requirements. Depending on the course, the student may choose to rent a Southeast Tech laptop for the semester.

Q. Can a student bring their own laptop to campus?
A. Yes. However, all students enrolled in a Southeast Tech Laptop Required program will be charged automatically and will receive a Southeast Tech laptop. Southeast Tech's laptops will provide access to all necessary program software and be pre-configured based on the student's major. Southeast Tech's licensed software cannot be installed on a laptop not purchased directly through Southeast Tech.