Sometimes the best way to find out if a school is the right place for you is to ask someone else. Check out what people have to say about Southeast Tech!


Max Bullard, Alumnus

Max Bullard
Media Design Technology Graduate

"Small class sizes are a great reason to choose tech ed. Nothing beats having one-on-one time with an instructor. The amount of hands-on experience we got in the past two years will be a great asset to bring to the workforce."

Adam Cooper, Alumnus

Adam Cooper
Commercial Insurance Agent for Dakotah Bank DBA Dacotah Insurance, 
Business Administration Graduate

"I couldn’t be happier with the education I received from Southeast Tech. I’m much more of a “hands-on” learner. I like to see and work examples, as well as other activities pertinent to what we are learning. At Southeast Tech, the instructors have the practical knowledge to not only make lecture seem intriguing, but providing personal examples, telling stories of when they worked in the industry. It just made everything much easier to understand, and ultimately, see the “bigger picture”."

Mary Medema

Mary Medema
Director of Workforce Development, 
Forward Sioux Falls

“Sioux Falls area businesses directly benefit from the role that Southeast Tech and its students fulfill in growing our region’s skilled workforce and enhancing the skills of our current workforce. How fortunate that this special asset is located right here in our community.”

Casey Menge, Alumnae

Casey Menge
Media Design Technology Graduate

"I tried a traditional university once, it proved to be wrong for me. Instead, I joined the workforce… When the urge to return to education struck, I looked to Southeast to help me complete my goals. They understand life isn't always easy. They care about your success."

Elliot Nelson, Alumnus

Elliot Nelson
Cardiac Ultrasound Graduate and USD Health Science Graduate

"There are many valuable things I have gained from my experience in the Cardiac Ultrasound program at Southeast Tech. I have gained many new friends and I have learned so many new things. I would also say that I have become more disciplined and I have grown up a lot during my time in the program. I am also looking forward to having the ability to serve others and offering my skills to help save lives for my career."

Jill Olsen, Alummae

Jill Olsen
Marketing Design Graduate

"I like Southeast because of the freedom and also the one-on-one relation you build with your professors. I love that I could go to my business teachers if I ever needed business advice."

Chelsea Pickner, Alumnae

Chelsea Pickner
Owner of Chelsea's Boutique, 
Business Administration Graduate

"Everyone at Southeast Tech wants to see you succeed. They aren't simply there for a job, helping their students not only pass, but pass with flying colors is what they strive for. I loved the small classrooms and the one-on-one time that was easily attainable with each teacher."

Stacy Pilgeram, Alumnae

Stacy Pilgeram
Business Administration Two-Day Hybrid Program Student

"If it hadn't been for Southeast Tech's wonderful Hybrid Program, I would have never been able to attend school full-time and still continue to work a full-time job. The Hybrid program is very flexible, affordable and convenient. The classes are fun, hands-on and small enough that you get plenty of personal one-on-one time with your instructors. And it's these instructors, who have given me such a rewarding experience at Southeast Tech. They are kind, helpful and truly care about your success in and outside of school. I would highly recommend this excellent and unique 2-Day Hybrid Program to anyone who is looking to continue their education with courses that are relevant to today's business world. Southeast Tech is one of the best decisions I've ever made and I am looking forward to starting my second year!"

Brekan Roths, alumnae

Brekan Roths
Media Design Technology Graduate

"The students and staff made me want to go to class every day and be the best student I could possibly be. I am so happy that I chose Southeast. The school allowed me to truly understand and feel comfortable with what I wanted to do with my life."