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18 Reasons to Enroll at Southeast Tech in 2018

Friday, December 22, 2017

Brought to you by our students and alumni

The Instructors are Awesome

1. “I learn through hands-on instruction which is what we do every day. It just works for me.” – Thomas

2. “The teachers are willing to help you with anything. They really care about you!” – Roxy

3. “The professors here will teach you everything you need to know, and they are amazing at what they do. I learned all the skills I needed to get a job out of state competing with people that have 4 year degrees.” – Zach

4. “I am so happy that I chose Southeast Tech as my place of study, because to the faculty, I wasn't just a person that brought in money and turned in assignments. Instead, my instructors saw me as a lifetime of potential and opportunity. By the time I graduated I already had been offered and accepted a full-time position for a career focused job! I couldn't feel more confident in what I am doing!” – Victoria

5. “All the teachers are so supportive and care so much about helping you reach your goals. They provide you with not only the knowledge and skills you need for your program but also a great amount of confidence in yourself and what you can do! It's great knowing the amount of support you have!” – Lauren

6. “I love that I’m challenged in many ways. I love that I’m learning so much from Southeast Tech and feel comfortable that I can go into my field and know exactly what I’m doing.” – Tracey

You’ll Feel Welcome

7. “You get to know people here at Southeast Tech. And you get to really become friends with them. It just makes the whole experience so much better.” – Megan

8. “Connecting with students here is really easy because they really want you to be involved with everything, whether it’s Student Government or intramurals.” – Brennan

9. “No matter where you go on campus, they are always there to greet you with a smile, open arms and ready to answer your questions.” – Bubba

Need Help? You Got It

10. “I had a friend who was going to the university with me, and she ended up transferring to Southeast Tech. She had a wonderful first experience so I contacted them too. The admissions process was quick and simple, and my advisor helped me through every step of it.” – Katelyn

11. “People are willing to help you with whatever you need. I mean, there’s free tutoring here, that’s amazing!” – LaRea

12. “Not only did the staff at Southeast help me through every step of the admissions process they also have offered me a part time job helping at the school while I finish my next 3 semesters. They really do an amazing job, I'm proud to say this is my school.” – Eddy

It’s Affordable

13. “I chose Southeast Tech because it’s affordable. As a non-traditional student coming back to school it wasn’t intimidating, the class sizes are small with great one-on-one interaction.” – Joe

14. “It’s affordable, and it’s close enough to my hometown that if I wanted to go home on the weekends, I could. It’s located in a great little college town with lots of things to do.” – Riley

15. “I think the great thing about Southeast Tech is it only took me two years to graduate, so I saved a lot of time and money.” – Aaron

Tech Grads Get Jobs

16. “One of my favorite things about Southeast Tech is the hands-on experience that I get in class. And the fact that Southeast Tech works with the industry. They get us out there doing internships, and that’s an education experience I haven’t gotten at other places.” – Jason

17. “I definitely love how we get to know each other more personally. And that we establish contacts in the industry before we are even professionals.” – Jessica

18. “I had a job before I graduated, which was awesome. It was a huge asset to me and huge perk from going to Southeast Tech.” – Makenzie

What are You Waiting For?

To find out more about how easy it can be to find yourself at Southeast Tech, email Admissions!

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Chris Sweeney said on 1/11/2018:
Great points! South Dakota needs smart people like you as its next generation of of scientists and engineers – and, to those automotive gearheads among you, we'll look forward to seeing your work at Arrowhead Automotive. If you're curious what we're up to, take a look at www.siouxfallscarrepair.com. Have a great year at Southeast Tech!

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