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50 Years of Growth: Southeast Technical Institute Offering New Programs

Friday, October 11, 2019

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SIOUX FALLS, S.D.- As Sioux Falls has grown over the years, so has Southeast Technical Institute. The school now offers more than 60 programs. That’s 10 times the number from when it began 50 years ago.

In one year, some students at Southeast Tech hope to get a job as medical assistants in Sioux Falls.

“A medical assistant usually assists the physicians or doctors and we kind of get the patient ready for them. So taking their vital signs and their health history,” said Medical Assistant Student Mia Cherry. 

Cherry chose the Medical Assistant Program because it’s only a year long and could help her get into the workforce faster. 

“Being able to get healthcare experience right away,” said Cherry. 

The medical assistant program is new at Southeast Technical Institute.

“We heard from area employers, especially in the healthcare community about the strong need they have not only for LPNs and RNs, but also for medical assistants,” said Bob Griggs, President of Southeast Technical Institute.

President Griggs says the school partnered with Avera and Sanford to create the curriculum. The main focus is real world experience. 

“Right upfront within technical education, you’re provided that opportunity to get hands-on experience and that is so vital and so critical and employers love our graduates because they have that experience and they take that with them, you know the first day on the job,” said President Griggs. 

Cherry says the hands-on practice gives her confidence that she will find a job.

“Practicing vitals and stuff with different patient scenarios, it gets me excited to take care of people in the way we practice,” said Cherry. 

President Griggs says that’s the goal. He says last year 35 programs on campus had a 100 percent success rate in students finding jobs in their area of study. 

President Griggs says the school is working on adding even more programs. Dental assisting and veterinary technician programs could be added next fall. 

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