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Southeast Tech Foundation to Raise $6.2 Million Through Historic Capital Campaign

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Southeast Tech President Bob Griggs welcomes attendees at a news conference announcing the Southeast Tech NOW campaign on Thursday, Sept. 13.

The Southeast Tech Foundation has announced its first-ever capital campaign. The Southeast Tech NOW capital campaign goal is $6.2 million and companies have been responding very positively. To date, $3,133,000 has been committed from generous industry partners.

According to capital campaign co-chair Tom Kelley, P.E. President, Gage Brothers Concrete Products, Inc., “In today’s rapidly changing work environment, it is critical to develop funding to be used for the creation of more responsive academic programs, so students can be equipped with future-proof skills.”

Unlike many other capital campaigns, the Southeast Tech NOW Campaign is unique in the fact that it is not centered around fundraising for new construction. It is a campaign driven by industry and focused on workforce development. The majority of funds raised will go into programs that will help Southeast Tech continue to produce a greater number of skilled graduates that meet the demands of the Sioux Falls’ workforce. In addition, funding will go towards the creation a center for workforce opportunities that are designed to be a collaboration with high schools, technical schools, four year universities, local government, and non-profit organizations.

According to Foundation Director Chellee Unruh, “We are excited to invest in building lives, not just brick and mortar. Southeast Tech’s greatest strength has been to meet the needs of our communities with technically-skilled graduates and this campaign will help us continue that mission.”

There will be one element of construction for the launch of the Veterinary Technician program. This will be a renovation and addition to our Ed Wood Trade & Industry Center where it will be located. The renovation will include classrooms and labs as well as an area to house small animals on our campus. We have created a partnership with McCrossan Boys Ranch for the large animal component of our Vet Tech Program.

Southeast Tech does not receive local funding, and only 30 percent of the total budget comes from the state. The primary source of funding for all of our Tech Schools is through tuition student and fees. In order to keep our tuition cost effective for students, we need to seek private industry support to help us grow in ways that are responsive to industry.

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