Academic Advisement and Registration Engagement Event - Southeast Technical Institute

Academic Advisement and Registration Engagement Event

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Advisor talking to a parent at Academic Advisement and Registration event

The power of linking students to academics before entering the classroom.

Student engagement is important for success at any level, but it’s especially critical at college. Southeast Tech has created a new process to develop positive and meaningful relationships for students earlier than they have in the past through an Academic Advisement and Registration event.

The ultimate goal of this mandatory event for all new students is to set the stage for active learning and connection to campus. This will be accomplished through encouraging a deeper and more meaningful relationship between Southeast Tech’s faculty and student body before they meet in a classroom.

According to Registrar Kristie Vortherms who has led the Academic Advisement and Registration initiative, “We recognize that it’s important for students to create a relationship with their academic advisor as soon as possible. It will help the new students feel connected to Southeast Tech before they step on campus in August and because of that, new students will have that opportunity earlier than ever before.”

Academic Advisement and Registration allows new Southeast Tech students to meet with their academic advisor, register for classes as well as learn about campus groups, financial aid, housing and other opportunities on campus. Kristie notes, “I’m excited about this because everyone is becoming more involved with the new student process earlier and because of that we’re able to focus on the needs of the students before they begin their journey with us.”

Once a student has been accepted to Southeast Tech, their next step is to register for Academic Advisement and Registration which they can do online at Kristie notes, “Students will leave an Academic Advisement and Registration day with their college ID, their fall class schedule, a better understanding of their chosen program and the beginning of a great relationship with their academic advisor. It’s powerful for the student and Southeast Tech.”

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