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In the News: Internships at Work

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Meet Southeast Tech student Haden Dicus, a computer programming major who's earning hands-on experience working at Workplace IT, a business technology firm in Sioux Falls. 

Dicus is just one of a growing number of Sioux Falls students who gained access to an internship experience while still in high school thanks to a Youth Workforce Grant from the Citi Foundation, first awarded in 2017.

The grant, awarded to the Southeast Tech in collaboration with the Sioux Falls' School District's Career and Technical Education (CTE) Academy, was designed to help prepare youth in Sioux Falls for local employment needs.

Based on the first grant's impact, earlier this year the Citi Foundation announced its plans to award Southeast Tech and CTE Academy another $250,000 grant to continue youth workforce efforts in Sioux Falls.

Dicus, CTE Academy Career Coach Renae Oines, and Joe Zueger, president of Workplace IT, owner spoke with KELO-TV about the impact the grant had last year, and the potential it offers for future students. 

See the full story from KELO-TV.

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