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Sports Turf Students Volunteer Over 200 hours at Sanford International

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Sports Turf Managment students assist with preparations for the PGA Sanford International. From left, Lars Akerman, David Swift, Caleb Horn, Jarrett Geihl, Instructor Cory Borgen, Brent Eddy, Jacob Kroese, Trey Pottratz, Mitchel Heumiller, August Flick, Thatcher Schlup, Conner Nelson, Brian Maloy, Kyler Tvedt and Ryan Lahhman.

Sixteen Sports Turf Management students had an insider's view into the PGA Sanford International golf tournament this year as they assisted with course preparation at the Minnehaha Country Club.

Since Southeast Tech students assisted with preparations in 2018 as well, some of the students already had experience under their belts, were ready to take on more responsibility and help first-year students learn the ropes quickly.

Starting as early as 5 a.m. and working with LED lights until sunrise, students mowed greens, raked bunkers, blew leaves and debris, squeegeed dew off tee boxes, set up tee markers and performed other duties as assigned.

“This year was a much different experience,” said Sports Turf Management instructor Cory Borgen. “We had to work around torrential rains in 2018, but, this time around, we were able to focus more on the details that improve playing conditions for tournament participants.”

“I am very proud of the commitment and accomplishments these students have gained by being a part of Sanford International,” Borgen concluded. 

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