Software Support Specialist - Online

1-Year Diploma Program | 33 Credits

A Software Support Specialist has strong troubleshooting skills and technical proficiency of computer logic and methodology to run software applications. Your one year of online coursework through Southeast Tech will explore basic computer constructs and master the ability to break down the logic needed to solve a problem using computer programs. 

As a Software Support Specialist from STC, you also will learn a variety of programming languages, including:  

  • HTML  
  • Java  
  • C#  
  • SQL

What is Your Specialty in Software Support?  

Computers are ubiquitous in today’s world. As a key player in software support, your role is to offer customer support for software applications and answer user inquiries.  

Why Choose Southeast Technical College?

During your Software Support Specialist training in Sioux Falls, you will learn integrated development environment (IDE) applications such as Visual Studio, Dreamweaver and Websphere; use relational databases; and become proficient at object-oriented programming concepts.  This coursework also helps you:  

Demonstrate Professionalism: Working with STC’s faculty, you will learn safe working practices with computers and other equipment.  

Enhance Your Communication Skills: You will write instructions on computer software installation/upgrade procedures as well as use appropriate computer terminology.  

The Extended Learning Advantage: As an I.T. technician, you will benefit from membership in professional organizations and pursuing other professional development opportunities and training.

Employement Potential in Many Industries

Career opportunities for Software Support Specialists extend to many industries in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, and across the nation, including education, manufacturing, technology, healthcare and finance. 

Explore Classes  

Southeast Tech’s curriculum for a Software Support Specialist totals 33 credits, including classes in Intro to Programming, C# Programming, Intro to Java, Internet Programming, and Intro to Databases. Online classes can be taken in full-time or part-time course loads.



Costs are calculated based on a charge of $255 per credit hour, plus applicable fees.

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