CNA Testing

Southeast Technical College - Testing Center

Southeast Tech's Testing Center can administer Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) certification Skill and Knowledge tests for current or incoming students as well as the public and industry professionals.


Candidates are eligible to take the CNA Skills and/or Knowledge certification exams when one of two criteria are met:

  1. Complete Training Program

    Candidates have successfully completed a nursing assistant training program and a competency evaluation program approved by the South Dakota Board of Nursing.

  2. Receive a waiver

    Candidates have received a waiver of 75-hours of Nurse Aide Training from the South Dakota Board of Nursing.

Certified Nurse Aide Eligibility Form

Prior to registering and paying for a certification exam, please complete the CNA Eligibility Form, which will be forwarded to Southeast Tech’s CNA Program Coordinator, to verify your testing eligibility. Once training and testing eligibility are verified, the Program Coordinator will notify you.



Candidates wishing to test are encouraged to review the South Dakota Nursing Assistant Handbook.

Nursing Assistant Handbook

Testing Day Details

  • On the day of Test Out, bring a photo ID.
  • Arrive at the Sullivan Health Science Center at least 15 minutes early.

Wait in the lower level commons area. The test observers will guide you to the testing room and through the testing process.


Please make sure that you register for each exam that is needed. Depending on the examination needed, the student should register for the Skills or Knowledge Exam, or both.

If you are unable to make Certification Exam, please contact the CNA Program Coordinator. Rescheduling is only allowed one time for emergency situations.    


  • Skills Testing = $175
  • Knowledge Testing = $125

CNA candidates must successfully pass both the Skills and Knowledge Tests in order to obtain certification. Students assume financial responsibility for test-out charges. Rescheduling is only allowed one time for emergency situations.  


For questions regarding CNA certification testing or eligibility requirements, please contact:

Michelle Osborn, CNA Program Coordinator 


South Dakota Board of Nursing CNA webpage