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Career Exploration Events

Learn more about careers that inspire. Practice your skills. Meet everyday people that do the job. Join us at Southeast Technical College for career exploration events and camps throughout the year. Middle school and high school students will have the opportunity to consider potential career choices through fun, interactive and informative activities.

Summer 2022 Career Camps

Construction Camp

Open to students rising to grades 7-8, Construction Camp teaches safety, hand tool operation and basic skills in the carpentry trade. Students will have the opportunity to assist in building a project.

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Engineering Camp

Learn about careers in Engineering Technology and Mechatronics at our Summer Engineering Camp. Students in grades 9-12 will have the opportunity to participate in hands-on activities and tour industry facilities.

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Healthcare Camp

Incoming students in grades 6-9 will explore healthcare careers, meet real-life heroes and learn skills in nursing. 

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Nuts, Bolts and Thinamajigs - Welding Camp

Incoming students in grades 7-9 will learn about welding safety and have their first arcs with local welders in a safe shop environment. They will be able to see large-scale welding at local shops in the area. Students will be able to learn how to CNC cut projects, assemble and weld projects to take home.

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Our Dakota Dreams

The University of South Dakota is teaming up with Southeast Tech to offer a career exploration camp for incoming students in grades 7-8. Business, Healthcare, Engineering and Media careers will be explored. 

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