Proctored Exams

Southeast Technical College - Testing Center

When students need to take an exam outside the classroom, the STC Testing Center can provide proctoring services. Proctors authenticate students' IDs, keep track of time, and ensure testing guidelines and instructions are followed. 


Follow these steps to schedule a proctored exam at the Testing Center

  1. Log In

    Log into your myTech account.

  2. Student

    Click on the "Student" tab.

  3. Testing Center

    Click on "Testing Center," in the center column of the page.

  4. Proctored Exams

    Click on "Proctored Exams," on the left side of the page.

  5. Reserve 

    Click "Reserve a Spot for Proctored Testing."

  6. Answer questions

    You will need to answer the following true/false question:

    I am currently taking only online courses and live 30 or more miles from campus or have other restrictions that make coming to campus difficult.
    • True – Register for online/TEAMS testing
    • False – Register for on campus testing
  7. Choose Subject

    In the "Subject" field, choose one.

  8. Choose date and time

    In the "Proctoring Session" field, choose a date and time.

  9. Sign Up

    Click "Sign up." After registering, you will receive an email confirmation. 

Proctoring for Non-Southeast Tech Students

The Testing Center at Southeast Tech can proctor exams for students attending other colleges or technical colleges. Please call the Testing Center at 605-367-6014 to make scheduling accommodations, including the payment of any proctor fees. Please bring your official ID to the Testing Center on the day of the test.