Costs & Financial Aid

Southeast Technical Institute offers a number of options for qualified students to finance their education. Through Federal Aid, Scholarships, Grants and Loans, students can work with Southeast Tech’s Financial Aid team to put together a package that will help meet their needs. 

What Would You Like to Do? 

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Take the first step in applying for financial assistance with the FAFSA - the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. 

Tuition & Fee Schedule for the 2019-2020 Academic Year

Institute Fees
Costs of facilities, equipment & education technology.
$84.00 Per Credit Hour
State Fees
Costs for health & education, maintenance & repair, program outreach and bonds issued for building construction.
$41.00 Per Credit Hour
Student Government Fee $2.00 Per Credit Hour
Tuition Fee $121.00 Per Credit Hour
Total Cost Per Credit* $248.00 Per Credit Hour
Online Fee**
Costs associated with administering online courses
$50.00 Per Credit Hour

Additional Course Fees

HVAC Program Fee $10.00 Per Credit Hour
Law Enforcement Program Fee $10.00 Per Credit Hour
Plumbing Program Fee $10.00 Per Credit Hour
Welding Program Fee $10.00 Per Credit Hour

Additional Course-Related Fees

LPN/RN Course Fees $50.00 Per Credit Hour