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Southeast Technical College offers a number of options for qualified students to finance their education. Through Federal Aid, Scholarships, Grants and Loans, students can work with Southeast Tech’s Financial Aid team to put together a package that will help meet their needs. 

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Take the first step in applying for financial assistance with the FAFSA - the Free Application for Federal Student Aid.  

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Southeast Tech's Director of Financial Aid explains what students need to do to to ensure a seamless experience in the financial aid award process.


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Tuition & Fee Schedule for the 2020-2021 Academic Year

Institute Fees
Costs of facilities, equipment & education technology.
$84.00 Per Credit Hour
State Fees
Costs for health & education, maintenance & repair, program outreach and bonds issued for building construction.
$42.00 Per Credit Hour
Student Government Fee $2.00 Per Credit Hour
Tuition Fee $121.00 Per Credit Hour
Total Cost Per Credit* $249.00 Per Credit Hour
Online Fee**
Costs associated with administering online courses
$50.00 Per Credit Hour

Additional Course Fees

HVAC Program Fee $10.00 Per Credit Hour
Law Enforcement Program Fee $10.00 Per Credit Hour
Plumbing Program Fee $10.00 Per Credit Hour
Welding Program Fee $10.00 Per Credit Hour

Additional Course-Related Fees

LPN/RN Course Fees $50.00 Per Credit Hour

Total Program Costs

Tuition rates and system-wide fees are determined each year by the South Dakota Board of Technical Education. Southeast Technical College sets its local fees. Students must also plan to purchase books, uniforms and supplies required for their programs. Depending on eligibility, Financial Aid may help cover expenses. 

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