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General Education

General education courses help students integrate technical knowledge with problem solving, critical thinking, professionalism and communication skills - a vital part of any technical degree.

Whether you want to get a head start on your education, are playing catchup, are enrolled in a program at Southeast Tech, or, plan to take some credits with you when you transfer, General Education courses will likely be a part of the journey.

Available Courses

Course Code Course Name Credits
CMST 100 Interpersonal Communication  3
CMST 101* Fundamentals of Speech 3
ENGL 100 Communications in the Workplace 3
ENGL 101* Composition  3
ENGL 201 Technical Writing  3
Course Code Course Name Credits
CSC 105* Introduction to Computers  3
Course Code Course Name Credits
SPAN 103 Conversational Spanish I  3
Course Code Course Name Credits
MATH 100 Math Applications 3
MATH 101 Introductory Algebra  4
MATH 103* Mathematical Reasoning  4
MATH 114* College Algebra  3
MATH 116 Algebra and Trigonometry  5
MATH 120* Trigonometry  3
Course Code Course Name Credits
BIOL 101 Introductory Biology I  4
CHEM 106* Chemistry Survey  4
EMT 105 Emergency Medical Tech Basic 3
ENV 101 Environmental Science  3
HC 110 Basic Anatomy and Physiology 3
HC 118 Applied Anatomy and Physiology  4
PHYS 100 Applied Physics  3
VET 118 Vet Anatomy and Physiology I  4
VET 119 Vet Anatomy and Physiology II 3
Course Code Course Name Credits
ECON 201 Microeconomics  3
ECON 202 Macroeconomics  3
PSYC 100 Psychology in the Workplace  3
PSYC 101* General Psychology 3
PSYC 102 Applied Social Psychology  3
SOC 101 Sociology of Mental Health  3
SOC 107 Multiculturalism  3
SOC 150* Social Problems  3
SOC 250* Courtship and Marriage 3

*Denotes courses transferrable to South Dakota Board of Regents schools. Visit for more information. Some transferrable courses may be tested out of. See CLEP Testing for more information. 

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Core Curriculum

Each associate of applied science degree program must include a minimum of 15 credit hours of general education courses from a minimum of four categories. Each diploma program is required to have 9 credit hours of general education courses. See the Southeast Tech Academic Catalog for additional details. 

Academic Catalog


Jeff Van Overbeke

Speech Instructor
General Education
Technology Center 202

Julie Olson

Natural Science Instructor
General Education
Health Center 208

Heather Adamson

English Instructor
General Education
Technology Center 202

Deborah Nowak

General Education
Technology Center 202

Fenecia Homan

Associate VP for Institutional Effectiveness & Academic Affairs
Mickelson Center 253

Kristin Larsen

Mathematics Instructor
General Education
Technology Center 202

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