Technology Requirements

All programs at Southeast Technical College require either a laptop of your choosing or a Southeast Tech-issued laptop. 

Review Information and Specifications

Male and female students with laptops

Bring Your Own Laptop

Students in a BYOL program have the option to purchase a laptop from Southeast Tech or to bring another laptop that meets the BYOL minimum specifications.


Laptop Reservation Form

Students using Southeast Tech laptops

Laptop Included Programs

Students in Laptop Included programs are required to purchase a laptop through Southeast Tech. These programs require the use of a high-end laptop and software. The laptop that you purchase will be based on your major, and the computer will be added to your bill.


Software Requirements

Before students attend JumpStart orientation, held a week before the start of the semester, they must download Microsoft Office software to their laptop computers.

Install Now

Program-Specific Software 

Software necessary for any Laptop Included program will be pre-installed on the laptops; however, since the software is licensed only for student use, students will not be allowed to keep this software after leaving Southeast Tech. 

Laptop INCLUDED Programs FAQs

Purchasing Your Southeast Tech Laptop 

Incoming students in Laptop Included programs will be automatically billed for laptops needed for their majors. The full purchase price of the laptop will be billed in the first semester, and any excess Financial Aid that students receive will be applied to the cost of their laptops. Students will receive their laptops at JumpStart. The laptops will be pre-configured to include the software necessary for the students' majors. If students are starting classes in the summer, they will be able to bring their own laptops for the summer term or rent an STC laptop for the summer. New laptops are unavailable for purchase for the summer term. 

Warranty and Support Information 

Southeast Tech laptops come with a 3-year manufacturer warranty to cover parts and labor in case of manufacturer defect or mechanical failure. During the 3-year period, the I.T. Support Center will provide complete hardware warranty support for the original purchaser of laptops purchased through Southeast Tech, regardless of current enrollment status. Students are responsible for repair charges not covered under the manufacturer warranty. 
While students are enrolled, the I.T. Support Center will provide full software support including virus and malware removal. After students graduate or terminate enrollment, limited software support is available. This includes reloading original software from the manufacturer or assisting with updated driver installations.  
Loaner laptops are available free of charge for currently enrolled Southeast Tech students while their laptops are at the I.T. Support Center for service. 

Lost or Stolen Laptops 

A stolen laptop is a criminal offense and must be immediately reported to law enforcement and the Southeast Tech I.T. Support Center. The I.T. Support Center will provide the serial number and model to any student whose laptop has been stolen. The student will be required to complete a theft report with the police department. The report number and police department the report was filed with must be provided to the I.T. Support Center. Students will be responsible for any remaining payments under the Conditional Sales Agreement and will need to work with their instructors and the I.T. Support Center to ensure that they still meet the requirements of their programs. Since loss and theft are not covered under the manufacturer warranty, Southeast Tech highly recommends that students insure their laptops against loss or theft, which can usually be done through a homeowners or renters insurance policy.