Finding a Roommate

Finding a roommate can be one of the most challenging parts of the housing process. We understand that the need to find a compatible roommate is crucial to a successful academic career. Southeast Technical College Housing uses RoomSync, a special roommate matching program available as an application in Facebook.

Find a Roomate

RoomSync Instructions

  1. Join

    When incoming housing students submit a signed contract and pay their $500 deposit, they receive an email with a RoomSync Invitation link.
    • Click the link on a mobile device
    • Choose an existing Facebook, Google or Apple account to log in and create a new account.
  2. Setup

    Add your basic info and answer lifestyle questions.

  3. Use

    Browse and search for potential roommates based on lifestyle preference, major, hobbies, interests,
    and more. Start a conversation with other users who interest you.

  4. Match

    Send roommate requests to or accept roommate requests from others you would like to live with.