Fall 2017 President's List - Southeast Technical Institute

Fall 2017 President's List

Friday, February 16, 2018

Southeast Tech wants to congratulate our students on the Fall 2017 President's List! We are proud of your accomplishments and your excellent academic performance. The President's List recognizes all students completing at least 12 or more credits a semester with a semester GPA of 3.5 or higher. 

Katherine Aery, Horticulture Technology

Nathaniel Algood, Automotive Technology

Mia Alleman, Licensed Practical Nursing

Brandy Allen, Accounting

Jordan Amick, Computer Network Security Technician

Joshua Andersen, Diesel Technology

Cole Andre, Architectural Engineering Technology

Milena Arambasic, Pharmacy Technician

Nicholas Arneson, Computer Programming

Shayne Arrowood, Civil Engineering Technology

Mary Asche, Horticulture Technology

Connor Auch, Mechatronics Technology

Ceely Baan Hofman, Accounting

Alyssa Badger, Pharmacy Technician

Cailey Baker, Marketing: Design Emphasis

Jordan Baker, Automotive Technology

Kathryn Barker, Business Administration

Ryan Bartels, Civil Engineering Technology

Thomas Beck, Architectural Engineering Technology

Brittney Belgarde, Business Administration

Austin Benning, Mechanical Engineering Technology

Alexander Bertsch, Marketing

Amrit Biswa, Media Design Technology

Emily Bjerkaas, Accounting

Betsy Bly, Cardiac Sonography

Tiffany Boelman, Licensed Practical Nursing

Taryn Bolstad, Marketing: Sales Emphasis

Molli Bonen, Accounting

Zach Bonnema, Residential Heating & Air Conditioning Technology

Rochelle Boone, Architectural Engineering Technology

Noah Bowman, Architectural Engineering Technology

Morgan Brandenburg, Law Enforcement Science

Samuel Brandsrud, Electrician

Kourtney Bremmon, Construction Management Technician

Jade Breneman, Business Administration

Andrew Brockshus, Collision Repair and Refinish Technology

Rachel Brower, Medical Coding

McKayla Buol, Law Enforcement Science

Micah Burrell, Automotive Technology

Ashley Buskohl, Accounting

Diana Cadena, Business Administration

Evan Caldwell, Architectural Engineering Technology

Jose Canales, Mechatronics Technology

Megan Cao, Business Administration

Jake Carlson, Electronics Technology

Mathew Carroll, Digital Media Production Technology

Makensie Carstensen, Medical Coding

Zachary Chervenak, Pre-Vascular Sonography

Hannah Chinn, Law Enforcement Science

Andrew Christensen, System Administrator

Cody Christianson, Computer Network Security Technician

Tanner Cleveringa, Construction Management Technician

Jeremy Cobb, Licensed Practical Nursing

Nicole Cobb, Cardiac Sonography

Steven Cockerham, Business Administration

Tyson Coil, Heating/Ventilation/Air Conditioning/Refrigeration

Jason Cortes, Heating/Ventilation/Air Conditioning/Refrigeration

Brittany Counterman, Business Administration

Brent Culp, Civil Engineering Technology

Tracey Dannelley, Administrative Assistant

AnnaMarie De Kam, Pre-Cardiac Sonography

Tessa De Vries, Office Assistant

Paul DeCou, Network Administrator

Alex Deeter, Civil Engineering Technology

Tyler DeVaney, Entrepreneurship

Cole DeWitt, Diesel Technology

Amy Doering, Business Administration

Kyle Dowling, Electronics Technology

Kaitlyn Drew, Marketing

Hanna Dunn, Nuclear Medicine Technology

Skyler Earley Stonearrow, Computer Programming

Allen Eckmann, Electrician

Keenan Eldridge, Computer Network Security Technician

Joel Elson, Mechanical Engineering Technology

Monica Engeltjes, Phlebotomy/Patient Care Technician

Alexa Ensz, Business Administration

Sachiko Evans, Licensed Practical Nursing

Elijah Evans, Collision Repair and Refinish Technology

Hunter Evenson, Heating/Ventilation/Air Conditioning/Refrigeration

Alyssa Feist, Business Administration

Jared Felix, Automotive Technology

Max Feuchtenberger, Landscape Design Technology

Joshua Finstad, Financial Services: Banking Emphasis

Taylor Forbes, Automotive Technology

Austin Fossum, Electrician

Alyssa Friman, Licensed Practical Nursing

Aaron Fromelt, Computer Network Security Technician

Wylie Fuerst, Mechanical Engineering Technology

Andrew Gale, Media Design Technology

Christina Galvin, Medical Coding

Austin Gates, Business Administration

Nicole Gay, Cardiac Sonography

Emma Gehm, Architectural Engineering Technology

Justeena Gillaspie, Pre-Diagnostic Medical Sonography

Gayla Gottschalk-Athey, Healthcare Office Specialist

Connie Graf, Media Design Technology

Brittany Graff, Accounting

Meghan Greer, Business Administration:Human Resources Emphasis

Tyler Gries, Law Enforcement Science

Jesse Groeneweg, Network Administrator

Tasia Guericke, Accounting

Yam Guragai, Digital Media Production Technology

Ruttanaporn Gustin, Civil Engineering Technology

Michelle Haack, Medical Coding

Rachel Haag, Electroneurodiagnostic Technology

Cody Haag, Mechanical Systems/Plumbing

Christian Hackett, Law Enforcement Science

Makenzie Hagedorn, Cardiac Sonography

James Haight, Media Design Technology

Alex Halligan, Collision Repair and Refinish Technology

Maddison Hamblin, Business Administration

Connor Hanisch, Computer Programming

Brittany Hanson, Health Information Services

Annika Hanson, System Administrator

Alyson Hanssen, Business Administration

Katelyn Harbour, Cardiac Sonography

Mitch Harpestad, Automotive Technology

Cassandra Harsma, Horticulture Technology

Brennan Hart, Automotive Technology

Jessica Hartman, Medical Coding

Kristin Hartog, Licensed Practical Nursing

Carleen Hartung, Diagnostic Medical Sonography/Abdominal/OB/GYN

Ashley Hatzenbeller, Marketing: Design Emphasis

Brittany Heezen, Accounting

Alyssa Herding, Accounting

Samantha Heumiller, Pharmacy Technician

Bradley Hillard, Residential Heating & Air Conditioning Technology

Donald Hillberg, Business Administration

Adam Hofer, Electrician

Damon Hoftiezer, Civil Engineering Technology

Jessie Huff, Entrepreneurship

Sean Hurley, Construction Management Technician

Inna Ignato, Mechanical Engineering Technology

Sierra Jennings, Invasive Cardiovascular Technology

Emily Johnson, Business Administration

Hannah Johnson, Media Design Technology

Kyle Johnson, Computer Technician

McKenzie Johnson, Healthcare Office Specialist

Matthias Johnson, Business Administration

Micah Johnson, Mechanical Engineering Technology

April Kallemeyn, Medical Coding

Megan Kass, System Administrator

Collin Kemper, Landscape Design Technology

Nathan Kerkvliet, Computer Programming

Lucas Knobloch, Mechanical Engineering Technology

Joseph Kocher, Computer Programming

Marcy Koontz, Licensed Practical Nursing

Jesse Kotilinek, Horticulture Technology

Jackson Kracht, Diesel Technology

Stephen Krick, Sports Turf Management

Nathan Kruger, Architectural Engineering Technology

Lisa Kuhns, Registered Nurse

Melissa Kurth, Architectural Engineering Technology

Dustin Kurtz, Computer Technician

Jenna Kussman, System Administrator

Mollie Lamer, Media Design Technology

Lyndsay Lang, Nuclear Medicine Technology

Christina Langrehr, Healthcare Office Specialist

Nicholas Larry, Diesel Technology

Stina Larson, Business Administration: Human Resources Emphasis

Brittani Larson, Accounting

Brandy Lauseng, Medical Coding

Sami Learn, Electroneurodiagnostic Technology

Riley Leber, Diesel Technology

Mariah Leemkuil, Accounting

Kory Lemon, Business Administration

Tabetha Leonhardt, Law Enforcement Science

Kenzie Leuthold, Electroneurodiagnostic Technology

Braeden Lightner, Electrician

Morgan Lindemann, Horticulture Technology

Tiffany Ling, Cardiac Sonography

Rylan Lipetzky, Mechanical Engineering Technology

Erica Loreno, Accounting

Cacie Markel, Business Administration

Grace Martinez, Marketing

Erik Mather, Electrician

Samuel McCarty, Civil Engineering Technology

Stephen McFadden, Business Administration

Andrew McGuire, Computer Programming

Carter Mecham, Mechatronics Technology

Chandler Meiburg, Heating/Ventilation/Air Conditioning/Refrigeration

Toby Metzger, Diesel Technology

Morgan Metzinger, Electrician

Chris Mills, Accounting

Blaine Moran, Sports Turf Management

Maranda Morgan, Marketing: Sales Emphasis

Sandra Moser, Medical Coding

Samuel Munger, Computer Programming

Daniel Murillo, Cardiac Sonography

Victoria Murphy, Computer Programming

Ryan Myrvik, System Administrator

Brandi Nabonne, Medical Coding

Shay Nackerud-Knutson, Computer Programming

Shane Nelson, Mechanical Systems/Plumbing

Cory Nelson, Business Administration

Toby Nelson, Entrepreneurship

Jordan Nelson, Construction Management Technician

Mariah Nelson, Phlebotomy/Patient Care Technician

Riley Nooney, Law Enforcement Science

Kristina Nosbush, Early Childhood Specialist

Anthony Notch, Heating/Ventilation/Air Conditioning/Refrigeration

Valorie Nowstrup, Pre-Diagnostic Medical Sonography

Andrew Nygaard, Law Enforcement Science

Nick Olesen, Automotive Technology

Derrick Olson, Computer Programming

Rodrigo Ordaz, Construction Management Technician

Sadie Palmer, Horticulture Technology

Sherri Parga, Law Enforcement Science

Traci Parkinson, Invasive Cardiovascular Technology

Sally Payton, Civil Engineering Technology

Kevin Perez, Computer Network Security Technician

Darci Peterson, Business Administration

Olivia Pickner, Accounting

Gabrielle Pike, Media Design Technology

Cristelle Pisawis, Marketing

Kelsey Poe, Marketing: Design Emphasis

Franklyn Powell, Heating/Ventilation/Air Conditioning/Refrigeration

Jesslynn Procida, Business Administration

Yvonne Przybilla, Business Administration

David Pyrlik, Electronics Technology

Ethan Quam, Construction Management Technician

Kathren Redmann, Business Administration

Kee Reh, Electrician

Joseph Reiter, Electrician

Jacob Rettig, Dual Credit High School

John Reyes, Diesel Technology

Brian Richters, Diesel Technology

Ronald Ridings, Diesel Technology

Devin Rippe, Accounting

Madison Roberts, Business Administration

Abigail Roden, Law Enforcement Science

Brittney Rose, Marketing: Design Emphasis

Katrina Ruddy, Phlebotomy/Patient Care Technician

Levi Sabers, Heating/Ventilation/Air Conditioning/Refrigeration

Katherine Salazar Asencio, Accounting

Trevor Samuelson, Network Administrator

Rael Schliesman, Mechanical Engineering Technology

Tristin Schoenfelder, Automotive Technology

Elizabeth Scholten, Accounting

Alexander Scholtes, Mechanical Engineering Technology

Amy Schroeder, Healthcare Office Specialist

David Schuck, Business Administration

Sarah Schuler, Healthcare Office Specialist

Amy Schultz, Business Administration

Nicholas Schultz, Electrician

Arthur Schupner, Electrician

Joseph Scott, Civil Engineering Technology

Maren Scott, Horticulture Technology

Jarod Severson, Residential Heating & Air Conditioning Technology

Abby Siemonsma, Medical Coding

Elizabeth Skovlund, Pre-Diagnostic Medical Sonography

Sophia Smith, Business Administration

Kevin Smith, Mechatronics Technology

Aerika Snoozy, Cardiac Sonography

Shayla Solo, Civil Engineering Technology

Emmy Soukup, Business Administration: Human Resources Emphasis

Erik Spelhaug, Medical Coding

Elizabeth Spier, Business Administration: Management Emphasis

Amy Stabe, Administrative Assistant

Renee Standish, Accounting

Wyatt Staples, Electrician

Tristan Steiner, Collision Repair and Refinish Technology

Mollie Steiner, Computer Programming

Katherine Stern, Medical Coding

Scott Stubbe, Mechatronics Technology

Nathan Sundberg, Electrician

Nicholas Sundstrom, Electrician

Mark Swanson, Mechatronics Technology

James Sweetwood, Diesel Technology

Corbin Swier, Computer Programming

Daniella Tarrell, Law Enforcement Science

McKayla Tegethoff, Surgical Technology

Mariah Terhark, Licensed Practical Nursing

Lecon Terry, Computer Programming

Koln Thie, Financial Services: Insurance Emphasis

Robyn Tieszen, Media Design Technology

Gage Tifft, Mechanical Engineering Technology

Steven Tilton, Business Administration: Management Emphasis

Amanda Timmerman, Pharmacy Technician

Caelan Tirrel, Diesel Technology

Brooks Tupy, Accounting

Dylan Tyree, Electrician

Sujeet Urwan, Mechatronics Technology

Breanna Valencia, Accounting

Tessa Van Beek, Business Administration

Austin Van Bockern, Computer Programming

Austin Van Noort, Automotive Technology

Kathryn Vanden Top, Media Design Technology

Erik VanEde, Law Enforcement Science

Madisyn VanHunnick, Office Assistant

Dylan Vaughan, Architectural Engineering Technology

Elizabeth Vogl, Business Administration

Barret Vonk, Automotive Technology

Patrick Wagner, Entrepreneurship

Kyle Warren, Computer Technician

Karla Washington, Mechanical Engineering Technology

Erin Weerheim, Accounting

Drew Wermedal, Law Enforcement Science

David Wever, Electrician

Ladd Wielenga, Architectural Engineering Technology

Nicole Wiig, Business Administration

Kirby Wilcoxson, Network Administrator

Caleb Will, Civil Engineering Technology

Shaw Winters, Mechanical Systems/Plumbing

Richard Wolfe, Mechanical Engineering Technology

Kirby Wolff, Digital Media Production Technology

Simon Wuertz, Automotive Technology

Dylan Wynthein, Law Enforcement Science

Jay-Von Younger, Collision Repair and Refinish Technology

Ethan Zakrzewski, Mechatronics Technology

Lorena Zamora, Business Administration: Management Emphasis

Brent Zemler, Computer Network Security Technician



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