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Hitting the Mark

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Marmen Energy teams up with Southeast Tech to secure local talent.

For Jonah Swenson, life is looking pretty good. At just 19 he has a great career with Marmen Energy working as a welder in the Brandon, SD plant that creates and fabricates wind towers. Originally from Sherman, SD Jonah was introduced to welding in a high school class.

He shares, “I wanted to have a good future and it’s important to build something for myself. I liked welding because there will always be a need for it but it didn’t require a lot of schooling.” After enrolling at Southeast Tech, Jonah was introduced to Marmen Energy through the Sponsor-A-Scholar program which aligns students with companies who help pay tuition costs in return for a work commitment following graduation. “I was stoked about this because it was a huge opportunity for me.”

A first-time leap of faith for Marmen Energy to take, the risk paid off. According to Production Manager Tom Baxter, “I was a bit leary but also optimistic about the program because it’s hard to find good help without doing a national search. To have a school close by that has a strong partnership with Marmen is awesome.”

Human Resources Generalist Leah Jaeger notes, “We take our time with people we hire and we’re very detailed but people appreciate it. Jonah was very eager to join our team and we liked that. He was the perfect person we were looking for and he’s been a great addition to our team.”

Jonah shares the enthusiasm. “What I really like about Marmen is that they take care of you. I spent weeks with trainers to ensure I knew exactly what I was doing before I was working by myself. I plan on building my career here.”

Southeast Tech’s Welding diploma can be completed in just one year for under $9,000. The median annual wage for career opportunities for graduates of similar programs, according to the US Department of Labor and Bureau of Labor Statistics is $38,147.

The Sponsor-A-Scholar program provides highly motivated students that are interested in a skilled technical career with the tools, resources and opportunities necessary to successfully earn their degree and start a thriving career.

Sponsor-A-Scholar matches individuals with companies that are willing to invest in their education and career. This support would encompass financial assistance for tuition as well as employment after graduation. In Jonah’s case, Marmen paid for half of his tuition for his commitment to work for a year with Marmen.

“Actually being committed for a year was pretty awesome. I love it because I feel appreciated here and I like all the people I work with. I can brag to my buddies that I have a good job. All my friends are in college and I’m buying a house and I’m 19.”

Marmen Energy
Marmen is recognized as one of North America’s largest manufacturers of wind towers and is proud to have contributed to the growth and development of the wind industry.

Marmen’s originality and strength lie in the fact that it offers personalized services, the promise of a family-run firm, and that it is equipped with the latest technology and exceptionally large facilities, most often a characteristic of larger companies. Its bold character keeps it open to new and complex projects. For more information visit marmeninc.com

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