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Southeast Tech Releases Spring 2019 President's List

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Congratulations to the following students that have been named to the President’s List at Southeast Tech for the Spring 2019 semester.

To be named to the President’s List, students must be enrolled full-time, seeking a degree, and earn a term GPA of 3.5 or higher.

Connor Abbas, Computer Programming
Shelby Abels, Cardiac Sonography
Zachary Abraham, Collision Repair & Refinish Technology
Yitayal Agerie, Mechatronics Technology
Zayneb Alibadi, Business Administration
Blair Altman, Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Jordan Amick, Information Technology Security
Brooke Amundson, Licensed Practical Nursing
Rachel Anders, Media Design Technology
Joshua Andersen, Diesel Technology:Transportation Emphasis
Marissa Anderson, Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Heather Araiza, Cardiac Sonography
Emma Archer, Licensed Practical Nursing
Trent Armitage, Computer Programming
Nicholas Arneson, Computer Programming
Corina Arnett, Early Childhood
Mary Asche, Horticulture Technology
Bryce Attema, System Administrator
Brittney Auch, Business Administration
Connor Auch, Mechatronics Technology
Cailey Baker, Marketing
Greg Baldwin, Medical Coding
Allison Balogh, Business Administration
Brandon Bartling, Electrician
Kennedy Becker, Licensed Practical Nursing
Dorthea Benson, Electroneurodiagnostic Technology
Devon Berrios, Mechanical Engineering Technology
Amrit Biswa, Media Design Technology
Aaron Boese, System Administrator
Taryn Bolstad, Marketing
Zach Bonnema, HVAC/R Technology
Rochelle Boone, Architectural Engineering Technology
Emma Bose, Surgical Technology
Meggan Bosworth, Accounting
Samuel Brandsrud, Electrician
Kourtney Bremmon, Construction Manangement Technology
Andrew Brockshus, Collision Repair & Refinish Technology
Jessica Brown, Electroneurodiagnostic Technology
Ron Brown, System Administrator
Payton Buche, Marketing
McKayla Buol, Law Enforcement Science
Dallas Byre, Collision Repair & Refinish Technology
Sonia Caban, Business Administration
Megan Cao, Business Administration
John Cao, HVAC/R Technology
Ashley Cap, Phlebotomy Technician
Abbie Carlson, Business Administration
Dustin Carnes, Network Administrator
Christopher Chaon, Architectural Engineering Technology
Ram Chapagai, Computer Programming
Melissa Chavez, Electroneurodiagnostic Technology
Kishor Chhetri, Electrician
Andrew Christensen, System Administrator
Cody Christianson, Information Technology Security
Tyson Coil, HVAC/R Technology
Christopher Crelly, Software Support Specialist
Briana Cruz, Early Childhood
Brent Culp, Land Survey Science Technology
Carrie Dahl, Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Emily Davis, Accounting
Philip Davis, Pharmacy Technician
Erin De Kam, Media Design Technology
Semhar Debesay, Licensed Practical Nursing
Paul DeCou, Network Administrator
Alex Deeter, Land Survey Science Technology
Christopher DeLay, Residential Heating & Air Conditioning Technology
Zac Dial, Information Technology Security
Katy Diefendorf, Business Administration
Hunter Dilly, Architectural Engineering Technology
Danelle Doop, Business Administration
Kassie Doty, Business Administration
Iryna Dudik, Accounting
Sidney Dunker, Licensed Practical Nursing
Justice Dunn, Digital Media Production Technology
Hanna Dunn, Nuclear Medicine Technology
Skyler Earley Stonearrow, Computer Programming
Daniel Easterday, System Administrator
Kiley Eckenrod, Licensed Practical Nursing
Thyme Edoff, Licensed Practical Nursing
Iris Emery, Architectural Engineering Technology
Alexa Ensz, Business Administration
Katie Erwin, Business Administration
Ethan Even, Architectural Engineering Technology
Brooklyn Feiock, Electroneurodiagnostic Technology
Jared Felix, Automotive Technology
Jesse Ferguson, Mechanical Engineering Technology
Amber Fetter, Licensed Practical Nursing
Kristin Fischbach, Administrative Assistant
Taylor Forbes, Automotive Technology
Samiah Ford, Computer Programming
Austin Fossum, Electrician
Stanley Fowler, Software Support Specialist
Austin Franke, Collision Repair & Refinish Technology
Darienne Frericks, Nuclear Medicine Technology
Tessa Friese, Surgical Technology
Sam Froehlich, Mechanical Engineering Technology
Tristen Frye, Business Administration
Hope Fuerst, Business Administration
Joshua Gabbert, Diesel Technology: Agriculture/Construction Emphasis
Andrew Gale, Media Design Technology
Amanda Gasiecki, Media Design Technology
Nicole Gay, Cardiac Sonography
Emma Gehm, Architectural Engineering Technology
Sean Gerber, Business Administration
Laura Gibbs, Healthcare Leadership
Margo Gilsdorf, Phlebotomy Technician
Arlenny Govea, Business Administration
Brittany Graff, Accounting
Myranda Gravdal, Business Administration
Joseph Gregory, Collision Repair & Refinish Technology
Michael Grimmond, Mechanical Systems/Plumbing Technology
Shenting Guo, Software Support Specialist
Justin Hagedorn, Diesel Technology:Transportation Emphasis
Paige Hagerty, Business Administration
Mark Hail, Mechanical Engineering Technology
Tyler Handel, Mechanical Engineering Technology
Madelyn Hanson, Business Administration
Alesha Hanson, Healthcare Leadership
Prairie Hanson, Computer Programming
Annika Hanson, System Administrator
Katelyn Harbour, Cardiac Sonography
Jonathan Haugaard, Marketing
Lina Hayes, Surgical Technology
Kori Heezen, Accounting
Nadine Hegge, Early Childhood
Kyle Heien, Entropreneurship
Jaidyn Henstra, Accounting
Hannah Hepner, Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Dusty Heyd, Information Technology Security
Zachary Hinrichs, Network Administrator
Jeanette Hlaudy, Licensed Practical Nursing
Chase Hoffman, Construction Manangement Technology
Nicholas Holzemer, Diesel Technology:Transportation Emphasis
Brandi Huss, Medical Coding
Jordan Ide, Diesel Technology:Transportation Emphasis
Alyssa Ideker, Licensed Practical Nursing
Inna Ignato, Mechanical Engineering Technology
Daniel James, Automotive Technology
Jordan Jaqua, Software Support Specialist
Kara Jennings, Construction Manangement Technology
Sierra Jennings, Invasive Cardiovascular Technology
Corey Jensen, Computer Programming
Matthias Johnson, Business Administration
Tyler Johnson, Business Administration
Michelle Johnson, Business Administration
Casey Johnson, Electroneurodiagnostic Technology
Austin Johnson, Law Enforcement Science
Hannah Johnson, Media Design Technology
Micah Johnson, Mechanical Engineering Technology
Karlie Jorgensen, Marketing
Steven Kasten, Sports Turf Management
Brianna Kelly, Licensed Practical Nursing
Riley Kelly, Nuclear Medicine Technology
Collin Kemper, Landscape Design Technology
Stephanie Kerkvliet, Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Haley Kindvall, Business Administration
Jayden King, Business Administration
Blake Kjelden, Marketing
Jordan Kjenstad, Construction Manangement Technology
Shayla Klarenbeek, Marketing
Daniel Kloss, Mechatronics Technology
Bryanna Klumper, Healthcare Office Specialist
Megan Knock, Cardiac Sonography
Tamara Knoll, Healthcare Office Specialist
Joseph Kocher, Digital Media Production Technology
Leslie Kolbeck, Invasive Cardiovascular Technology
Alex Kotalik, Business Administration
Emily Krause, Accounting
Nathaniel Krempges, Collision Repair & Refinish Technology
Jaden Krump, Business Administration
Jenna Kuehl, Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Madison Kuiken, Business Administration
Wesley Kull, System Administrator
Marianne La Nasa, Architectural Engineering Technology
Allison Lake, Construction Manangement Technology
Mimi Lam, Software Support Specialist
Caitlin Laman, Marketing
Jared Lampe, Law Enforcement Science
Lyndsay Lang, Nuclear Medicine Technology
Stina Larson, Business Administration

Kyle Laubach, Electrician
Samantha Learn, Electroneurodiagnostic Technology
Cassandra Leat, Accounting
Alexandra LeBlanc, Business Administration
Dallas Lee, Automotive Technology
Erin Lee, Network Administrator
Mariah Leemkuil, Accounting
Tabetha Leonhardt, Law Enforcement Science
William Lewis, Electrician
Braeden Lightner, Electrician
Morgan Lindemann, Horticulture Technology
Tiffany Ling, Cardiac Sonography
Timothy Lingen, Automotive Technology
Brishae Loftus, Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Tyrell Long, Pharmacy Technician
Logan Lucas, Automotive Technology
Angela Lucid, Media Design Technology
Erinn Lyle, Architectural Engineering Technology
Irina Lynde, Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Alyssa Magnuson, Accounting
Michelle Marlow, Licensed Practical Nursing
Jean Masaro, Pharmacy Technician
Curtis Mason, Information Technology Security
Nash Mayer, Electrician
Dustin McAdaragh, Licensed Practical Nursing
Maxwell McElhone, Computer Programming
Robert McGuire, Mechanical Engineering Technology
Andrew McGuire, Computer Programming
Michele Meester, Media Design Technology
Chandler Meiburg, HVAC/R Technology
Bipasha Miller, Surgical Technology
Jordan Mitchell, Sports Turf Management
David Mlsna, Architectural Engineering Technology
Melissa Molstad, Invasive Cardiovascular Technology
Leela Mongar, Pharmacy Technician
Cassidy Moon, Marketing
Sarah Morgan, Healthcare Office Specialist
Maranda Morgan, Marketing
Taylor Moyer, Accounting
Megan Mudder, Accounting
Nick Muller, Diesel Technology:Transportation Emphasis
Samuel Munger, Computer Programming
Alysen Munkel, Computer Programming
Morgan Murray, Licensed Practical Nursing
Brandi Nabonne, Medical Coding
Aaron Nachtigall, Computer Programming
Isaac Nakamoto, Cardiac Sonography
Collin Nemmers, HVAC/R Technology
Cole Neugebauer, Diesel Technology: Agriculture/Construction Emphasis
Jennifer Neumann, Cardiac Sonography
Shondey Nguyen, Computer Programming
Riley Nooney, Law Enforcement Science
Cassidy Norgaard, Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Mitchell Olson, Financial Services: Banking Emphasis
Derrick Olson, Computer Programming
Haley Pap, Early Childhood
Allyson Passmore, Business Administration
Rica Pauli, Licensed Practical Nursing
Sally Payton, Civil Engineering Technology
Bailey Peterka, Surgical Technology
Stephanie Podhradsky, Healthcare Office Specialist
Jersee Pohlman, Licensed Practical Nursing
Yvonne Przybilla, Business Administration
David Pyrlik, Electronics Technology
Robert Ramberg, Business Administration
Shaylan Ray, Mechanical Engineering Technology
John Reiners, Collision Repair & Refinish Technology
Joseph Reiter, Electrician
Sidney Rhinehart, Licensed Practical Nursing
Sarah Rhodes, Invasive Cardiovascular Technology
Devin Rippe, Accounting
Tonja Rippentrop, Medical Coding
Devin Rogers, Computer Programming
Zane Rohde, Automotive Technology
Josh Rohrbach, Marketing
Brandi Romereim, Business Administration
Drew Roskam, Civil Engineering Technology
Destinee Roth, Early Childhood
Taya Roth, Early Childhood
Arianne Roth, Media Design Technology
Garret Rounds, Electroneurodiagnostic Technology
Jordan Rowell, Business Administration
Margaret Rudolph, Cardiac Sonography
Brady Rupp, Business Administration
Britney Rus, Licensed Practical Nursing
Maddie Rusche, Licensed Practical Nursing
Melissa Rushing, Surgical Technology
Hunter Ryan, Financial Services: Banking Emphasis
Levi Sabers, HVAC/R Technology
Jaimee Saboe, Computer Programming
Salman Safarov, HVAC/R Technology
Katherine Salazar Asencio, Accounting
Alexis Schenecker, Business Administration
AnnMarie Scholten, Cardiac Sonography
Elizabeth Scholten, Business Administration
Isaac Schroer, Automotive Technology
David Schuck, Business Administration
Harlen Schuster, HVAC/R Technology
Ashley Schweitzer, Civil Engineering Technology
Joseph Scott, Civil Engineering Technology
Maren Scott, Horticulture Technology
Alma Sehovic, Business Administration
Elizabeth Servold, Accounting
Savannah Setnar, Accounting
Jarod Severson, HVAC/R Technology
Audra Shelton, Early Childhood
Nicholas Shields, Network Administrator
Abby Siemonsma, Medical Coding
Jacob Skidmore, Business Administration
Austin Skoglund, Land Survey Science Technology
Dawson Smit, Diesel Technology: Agriculture/Construction Emphasis
Michael Solem, Collision Repair & Refinish Technology
Shayla Solo, Civil Engineering Technology
Scott Sommers, Medical Coding
Christofer Sooter, Collision Repair & Refinish Technology
Austin Spade, Surgical Technology
Elizabeth Spier, Accounting
Elizabeth Staggs, Electroneurodiagnostic Technology
Eric Stangeland, Electroneurodiagnostic Technology
Brandon Stangl, Network Administrator
Kent Steffl, Automotive Technology
Karissa Stern, Business Administration
Katherine Stern, Medical Coding
Jason Stoebner, Cardiac Sonography
Brandon Stoltz, System Administrator
Shaylin Stotz, Business Administration
Megan Straatmeyer, Licensed Practical Nursing
Brittney Strait, Media Design Technology
Alexanderia Swank, Surgical Technology
James Sweetwood, Diesel Technology:Transportation Emphasis
Corbin Swier, Computer Programming
Alex Taggart, Law Enforcement Science
Daniella Tarrell, Healthcare Office Specialist
Callie Tebay, Nuclear Medicine Technology
Michael Tennessen, Sports Turf Management
Sitthiphone Thammavongkeo, Invasive Cardiovascular Technology
Sara Tillma, Licensed Practical Nursing
Kendra Tomaszewski, Business Administration
Jesse Tucker, Network Administrator
Carsen Ullrich, Media Design Technology
Kimberly Underberg, Vascular Sonography
Maurice Van Galder, Electrician
Marcus Van Lingen, Law Enforcement Science
Dylan VandenTop, Mechanical Engineering Technology
Shayla Vander Pol, Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Erik VanEde, Law Enforcement Science
Carter Vaughan, System Administrator
Eunice Vinales, Licensed Practical Nursing
Ryan Volesky, Electrician
Emily Vreim, Administrative Assistant
Patrick Wagner, Business Administration
Garrett Waterman, System Administrator
Ashley Watson, Media Design Technology
Elizabeth Weber, Business Administration
Brookelyn Weber, Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Jessica Webster, Architectural Engineering Technology
Anthony Wells, Accounting
Lindsey Wenger, Licensed Practical Nursing
Nicole Wentworth, Electroneurodiagnostic Technology
Ladd Wielenga, Architectural Engineering Technology
Nicole Wiig, Business Administration
Harvey Williams, Electronics Technology
Cordell Williams, Law Enforcement Science
Mikayla Wilson, Horticulture Technology
Melissa Wood, Business Administration
Leila Yeigh, Accounting
Brent Zemler, System Administrator
Paul Zerfas, Computer Programming
Amber Ziebart, Registered Nurse
Noah Zimmerman, Electronics Technology




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