Face Masks & Coverings

Southeast Tech is a face mask-required institution. Southeast Tech is committed to providing a safe environment for all members of our community. To honor that commitment, the health and safety of our students, faculty, staff and guests must be a top priority.

Face masks/coverings have been proven to reduce the spread of COVID-19 to others; therefore, they are important in our efforts to minimize the risk of the spread of COVID-19. It is our expectation that all members of our community (faculty, staff, students and guests) will wear face masks/coverings when interacting with others on campus, including situations where other protective measures (e.g., plexiglass shields) are in place.

We acknowledge that the use of face masks is inconvenient and will affect the way we work, teach and learn. However, we believe these inconveniences are outweighed by our desire to protect our community, especially those who are most vulnerable to the virus. Face mask/coverings do not, however, substitute for social distancing; therefore, maintain social distancing guidelines as much as possible.

Southeast Technical College face mask use requirements include the following:

  • Employees, students and the public are to wear face masks when interacting with others on campus. This includes, but is not limited to, classrooms, lab areas or events held indoors, common workspaces, public areas, hallways, stairwells, meeting rooms, breakrooms and restrooms.
  • Face mask/coverings do not need to be worn while outdoors, when alone in a private study area, office or workspace or when eating/drinking in Paavo's dining areas.
  • We understand that it may take some time to adjust to this expectation. Employees, students or community members who forget to bring a mask with them to campus will be given a disposable, one-time use mask to wear for the day. These masks will be available at multiple locations around campus.
  • Face shields may be used by faculty who are providing on-campus instruction. Social distancing practices should be maintained when lecturing/teaching as much as possible.
  • Employees may need to remove masks to speak with/instruct individuals who are deaf/hearing impaired.
  • All employees and all students will be provided with one cloth face covering from Southeast Tech (discuss this with your assigned supervisor). Homemade cloth face coverings that abide by CDC and other public health recommendations may also be worn.
  • Individuals who refuse to wear a mask (after being offered one) are expected to leave the area. These individuals may return once they adhere to the expectations regarding face mask use. These individuals will be responsible for any resulting work or class time missed in addition to any missed work or class assignments.
  • Employees will be provided with training on the proper use and cleaning of face masks. Training will be provided by Southeast Technical College and will also be available for all students.
  • Employees who cannot wear a face mask/covering due to medical or other reasons should contact Kathy Struck, Human Resources Office, for possible accommodation measures.
  • Students who cannot wear a face mask/covering due to medical or other reasons should contact Steve Herr, Student Disability Services Office, for possible accommodation measures.