Southeast Tech NOW Campaign

Campaign Puts Focus on Workforce Development

Southeast Tech NOW logoIn fall 2018, President Bob Griggs announced the Southeast Tech Foundation’s first-ever comprehensive campaign to raise $6.2 million. Unlike traditional fundraising efforts, the Southeast Tech NOW campaign primarily centers on workforce development, not new construction. It is aptly named Southeast Tech NOW (New Opportunities in Workforce Development). Tom Kelley of Gage Brothers Concrete is the campaign chairman.

According to Kelley, “In today’s rapidly changing work environment, it is critical to develop funding to be used for the creation of more responsive academic programs, so students can be equipped with future-proof skills.”

The funds will be used to help Southeast Tech respond to the changing needs of industry with adjustments in academics and new and expanded programs, equipping students with the skills they need for today’s jobs.

There is also one capital component to the campaign – renovations and an addition to the Ed Wood Trade & Industry Center, which will house a new Veterinary Technician program starting in Fall 2020.

To date, the foundation has raised $3.2 million.