Goal 2 - $1,100,000

Fund Needed Support Services to Significantly Improve Recruitment and Retention of First-Generation and Diverse Students

One of the core values of Southeast Tech is “Diversity/Equity.” To meet that core value we want to improve our recruitment, matriculation, retention and graduation of first-generation and under-represented students. 

In the last few years, Southeast Tech and its partners have created dynamic and innovative high-school programs directed specifically to first-generation and under-represented populations. Programs such as The Associated General Contractor's (AGC) summer apprenticeship programs, Classrooms2Careers and the Avera Academy, have found exceptional success. These programs provide an opportunity for students to gain college credit and real-life work experience, and receive mentoring and information on the opportunities of higher education. Additionally, the Aspire2Tech program works with adults wishing to improve their basic skills and gain credientials in a specific area such as childcare, healthcare, business or manufacturing.

We want to:

  • Build the opportunities for dual credit while students are in high school
  • Create a quality mentorship program to assist first-generation and under-represented students
  • Create bridge programs for students requiring extra help before entering Southeast Tech
  • Recruit a more diverse faculty
  • Enhance the community knowledge of the Hovland Learning Center
  • Enhance tutoring and ESL programs

The Sioux Falls region is growing and becoming more diverse. Southeast Tech is committed to helping all students find a pathway to the workforce.

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