Goal 3 - $700,000

Strengthen Industry Connections, Apprenticeships, Internships and Annual Unrestricted Funds to Meet Industry Needs

There are two aspects to great learning that Southeast Tech provides: great teaching and quality, on-the-job opportunities. Applying what is learned in the classroom to the work environment, in real time, in the form of an apprenticeship, internship, or clinicals is where professional growth happens.

Southeast Tech continues to grow its apprenticeship, internships and clinical opportunities, as well as duel-credit programs for students in high school. Science supports evidence that students who earn pre-college credit are more apt to enroll in and complete a college program. Southeast Tech will continue to be a part of this opportunity and expand with willing partners. 

  • Expand customized training for specialized industry needs
  • Find and grow partnerships to provide apprenticeships and internships that provide growth and lead to jobs

Largest Donors to Date

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