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Sponsor-A-Scholar Program


Picture yourself writing the code, monitoring a pulse, connecting the wires, building a foundation
and so much more. There’s never been a better time for technical education in South Dakota, and there’s never been a better time for you to take advantage of the Build Dakota Scholarship!

When you choose a high-need workforce program identified through the Build Dakota Scholarship, you become eligible for a full-ride scholarship covering 100 percent of your program, including tuition, fees, books and tools.

  • Choose a program eligible for a Build Dakota Scholarship.
  • You must be accepted into the program to be eligible.
  • Students of any age and from any state are eligible to apply.
  • Those who are awarded the scholarship commit to stay in South Dakota to work in their field of study for three years.
  • As a Build Dakota Scholar, you must maintain a minimum GPA of 2.5.

The Build Dakota Scholarship application period runs from Jan. 1 — March 31, 2019.

Matching Students with Employers to Create a Better Tomorrow

As an employer, you can help build a qualified workforce for your company and your industry, and also create opportunities for students to launch technical careers in high-need fields throughout South Dakota when you sponsor a scholar through the Build Dakota Scholarship Program.

  • Employers or industries who choose to sponsor a Build Dakota Scholar agree to a total investment of $8,000. That amount (due in full by the start of the student’s second semester) is matched by Southeast Tech and Build Dakota to create a full-ride scholarship covering 100 percent of a student’s program, including tuition, fees, books and tools.
  • In accepting the scholarship, the student commits to work for your company for at least three years
    following the successful completion of his or her academic program from Southeast Tech.
  • Faster results: Because students throughout the state know and understand the value of these awards, the demand for Build Dakota Scholarships continues to grow. Students who connect with a Build Dakota Sponsor will have their applications and awards processed first.
  • Applied learning: A student who has a sponsored Build Dakota Scholarship embodies the idea of “earn while you learn.” These students learn skills in their classes and labs they can directly apply to their jobs at your company. In turn, they’ll also be able to apply the experience and skills they learn on the job to their coursework and lab work on campus.
  • A pipeline for future talent: Employers who sponsor a Build Dakota Scholar help create not only one highly trained future employee, they also pave a pathway for future talent when fellow students see and hear about the opportunities your sponsored scholar has before him or her.

To learn more about how to sponsor a Build Dakota Scholar, contact the Southeast Tech Foundation Office at 605.367.7464 or email Foundation Director Chellee Unruh here.

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