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Sponsor-A-Scholar Program

The Sponsor-A-Scholar program provides highly motivated students that are interested in a skilled technical career with the tools, resources and opportunities necessary to successfully earn their degree and start a thriving career.

Sponsor-A-Scholar matches individuals with companies that are willing to invest in their education and career. This support would encompass financial assistance for tuition as well as employment after graduation.

Companies interested in participating in the Sponsor-A-Scholar Program can participate in two ways.

Option A

Industry partners who sponsor a Build Dakota Scholar with half of the total college expenses can request funds from the Build Dakota Scholarship fund for the remaining expenses. Students that receive a Sponsor would be bound by the Build Dakota Scholarship requirements and any additional requirements arranged between them and their Sponsor. Southeast Tech will use the remaining Build Dakota Scholarship funds to offer additional scholarships. Industry would provide the student with a part-time internship (preferably paid).

Option B

Industry partners can Sponsor-A-Scholar that did not receive a Build Dakota Scholarship for a $5,000 investment. The first $1,000 will create scholarship through the Southeast Tech Foundation for a student.* The remaining $4,000 will be invested in to a student chosen by the sponsoring company. Industry would provide the student with a part-time internship (preferably paid).

As a company supporter in the Sponsor-A-Scholar program, Southeast Tech will facilitate cultivation events in which companies will get one-on-one time with students. Southeast Tech will also provide the company a packet of information that will engage them and the student in an after-graduation agreement that outlines their opportunity for employment with the company in return for the company sponsorship of their education.

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