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Associate Degree Program - 62 Credits

With the goal of generating interest in a business or product, the field of marketing holds a range of professional opportunities. In just two years at Southeast Tech, you will establish a strong foundation of marketing principles and develop the skills to design marketing materials, write a strong sales presentation and adequately solve organizational problems using marketing concepts. 

In your career, you also could be tasked with utilizing social media platforms and conducting market research.

A Marketing career is filled with deadlines and fast-paced decision-making to keep your organization or product front and center. Your creativity, analytical skills and technical savvy will be key to your success.

Your associate degree in marketing will help you: 

  • Learn Technical and Problem-Solving Skills: Marketing professionals may assess advertising returns, create reports, addressing customer service problems, coordinate strategies across multiple channels, improving company ties with media outlets and evaluate new marketing campaigns 
  • Gain Professionalism: As a top Marketing professional from Southeast Tech, you will know the value of timeliness, integrity, teamwork and accountability. 
  • Gain an Edge: You will understand the value of continuing education because of your foundational experience at STC. The ever-changing nature of your field means you will need to keep up to date on the latest technologies and marketing trends to stay ahead of the competition.
  • Know your Customer: You will learn to break down the consumer decision-making process to reveal the psychological and sociological reasoning behind consumer trends. 

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Compare: Marketing Manager vs. Public Relations 

As a marketing professional, you will perform market research, manage budgets and work with an advertising staff to meet marketing goalsYour skill set centers on creativityIn public relations, the focus is more widespread; your goal is to maintain positive media coverage and relationships with anyone with a link to the company or product. Your audience includes media, customers, employees and other stakeholders.  

Why Study Marketing at Southeast Tech?

During your marketing coursework in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, you will gain expertise in key business principles, such as selling, consumer behavior, advertising, marketing research, marketing management and social media. The immersive curriculum will help you build your skills to enter the market prepared for success.  The marketing associate degree program also provides: 

Experienced Faculty: Students learn from faculty with industry experience that will share workforce insight. 

In-Person and Online Course Options: Southeast Technical College offers small, personalized class sizes in person in the George S. Mickelson Center, online, or through a combination of on-campus and online courses.    

Customizable Degrees: With the help of your STC faculty, you can choose technical electives that allow you to customize your marketing degree with courses that interest you and align with your career goals. 

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Southeast Tech’s curriculum includes classes in Principles of Marketing, Principles of Selling, InDesign Essentials, Social Media, Market Research and Marketing Management.


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Costs are calculated based on a charge of $255 per credit hour, plus applicable fees.

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