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Class A CDL Training

At Southeast Technical College, we have options to get you on the road with your Class A CDL, making money. Choose from a comprehensive, 4-week class that covers all aspects of obtaining your Class A CDL. Or, choose the components and certifications you need from our flexible pathway on an as-needed basis, drawing from your previous experience or employee training. 

Traditional Class A CDL Course

This on-campus, instructor-led course covers all elements required to obtain a Class A CDL. Students learn essentials such as vehicle inspection, backing, city driving and rural driving.

Dates and Times

The Class A CDL program at Southeast Technical College has two different formats to choose from.

  • Traditional Course (primarily for beginning drivers) - Classes every month, Monday-Thursday for 4 weeks.
  • Flex-Path Course (primarily for drivers with experience and/or are currently employed) - Classes every two weeks with a flexible class schedule.

If you are interested in more information about our current class schedules, please email us at or call 605-367-7676


The total cost for Class A CDL Training is $5,500.  Financial Aid is not available for this course. 

Course Requirements

To acquire a Class A CDL, applicants must meet various requirements put forth by Southeast Technical College and the South Dakota Department of Transportation. 

CLASS A CDL Requirements

Flexible Pathway Class A CDL

  1. Learner Permit Training - $250

    STC's Learner Permit Training course prepares students to take the South Dakota Department of Motor Vehicles CDL Class A driving exam.
    • When: Learner Permit Training students meet twice, for two hours each session. Classes are offered the first or third Monday and Tuesday of each month from 5:30-7:30 p.m.
    • Options: Students may take learner permit training as a standalone course if needed, or in conjunction with other STC courses to complete Class A Licensure requirements.


  2. Vehicle Inspection Training - $200

    Our vehicle inspection training course teaches students to conduct a vehicle inspection in accordance with Federal and State regulations and standards.
    • When: This course consists of one, 2-hour session and is offered the first and third Wednesday each month, from 5:30-7:30 p.m.
    • Options: Students may take vehicle inspection training as a standalone course if needed, or in conjunction with other STC courses to complete Class A Licensure requirements.


  3. Entry-Level Driver Training Theory - $500

    Entry-Level Driver Training is an instructor-led, student-paced online course in Driver Training Theory and meets the training regulations set by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).
    • When: This course begins every second and fourth Monday each month from 5:30-7:30 p.m., beginning with one in-person session, and then students have up to four weeks to complete the online modules with instructor support. 
    • Score: Students completing all modules with a score of 80% or higher will qualify for FMCSA theory. 
    • Options: Students may take theory as a standalone course if needed, or in conjunction with other STC courses to complete Class A Licensure requirements.


  4. Behind-the-Wheel Driver Training

    Behind-the-Wheel Driver Training gets students experience behind the wheel before taking their final test.

    Some employers may offer some or all of this training, so students may enroll in the components of the flexible pathway they need to complete their requirements.

    with an STC instructor

    Range Training: $1,500 - Covers the EDLT standards in inspections, backing, coupling and uncoupling to satisfy FMCSA skill assessment.

    Open Road Training: $1,500 - Covers the ELDT standards in road driving to satisfy FMCSA skill assessment.

    With An Employer

    Employers wishing to offer behind-the-wheel driving must have a certified trainer sign off on skill assessments.

    To get certified, trainers must complete STC’s Train the Trainer program.

    Both behind-the-wheel driver trainings with STC instructors include 10 one-on-one hours using STC Class A equipment. Scheduling is done on an individual basis.

  5. Final Field Driving Exam - $250

    The Final Field Driving Exam is a two-hour exam with drive time with an STC instructor on surface and highway streets.

    Students that complete their behind-the-wheel driver training with their employer are required to take a final field driving exam. 

    • When: Dates and times will be scheduled on an individual basis.


How to Enroll

  1. Submit your application

    All Class A CDL applicants must complete the application form and submit it to the corporate education office. The form may also be emailed to

    Class A CDL registration FORM

  2. Review Entrance Requirements

    Review the entrance requirements set forth by Southeast Tech and the Department of Transportation.


  3. Submit Required Documentation

    Prepare and submit the additional documentation needed to enroll. Examples include, but are not limited to drug screen, DOT physical, and a disclosure and release form.

  4. Register

    When all required documentation has been submitted and processed, applicants will need to officially register. 

  5. Pay Balance

    The balance of the course must be paid in full prior to classes beginning.