Southeast Tech ONECARD

All members of our campus community are required to have a ONECARD, the official identification card for Southeast Technical College. Your ONECARD provides access to essential campus services and facilities including printers, vending machines, the Bookstore, Business Office and The Grille.


Funds can be deposited online anytime or on campus at the Business Office with cash during regular office hours. 

Funds cannot be withdrawn as cash, but your balance will roll over each semester/year as long as you are a registered student or current faculty or staff member. All students will be provided with $20 for printing.

Terms and Conditions

Students - Add Funds

Log into myTech and click on the Student tab. Go to Student Finances on the left-hand side and click on Southeast Tech ONECARD to manage your account.

Manage your account

Employees - Add Funds

Log into myTech and click on the Employee tab. Go to General Information on the right-hand side and click on Southeast Tech ONECARD to manage your account.


Parents - Add Funds

Parents will need a student's ID number in order to load funds on to his or her ONECARD account.


Manage your ONECARD account with the Transact eAccounts mobile app, available in the Apple and Google playstores.

Uploading Your ONECARD Photo

Your ONECARD requires a photo as part of your identification. Our online photo submission process allows you to quickly and easily submit a photo of your choice online and from the comfort of your own home.

After you are enrolled at Southeast Tech, you will receive an email in your Southeast Tech email account with instructions on how to submit your ONECARD photo. 

You will receive your ONECARD by mail at your home address. If you do not receive your ONECARD, contact the Student Success Center at 605-367-7466. 

Taking Care of Your ONECARD

Your Southeast Tech ONECARD is a contactless smart card with an integrated chip and antenna. Due to the internal components, certain handling guidelines should be followed. Failure to follow these guidelines may compromise the performance of the embedded technology. 

  • Place your ONECARD in a protective holder. 
  • Do not bend, bite or twist the card. 
  • Do not place near metal object. 
  • Make sure you remove your ONECARD from your pants pocket before you wash them. 
  • Do not use your ONECARD as an ice scraper. 
  • Do not punch holes in your ONECARD as it will break the wires inside. 
  • Tapped cards will not be accepted. 
  • Do not let someone else use your ONECARD – it is for your use only. 
  • If you lose your card, deactivate it online or call the Business Office. 
  • If you find it, you can reactivate it before you get a new one re-printed. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Southeast Tech ONECARDs are accepted at The Grille, the Bookstore, the business office and campus printers throughout campus. 

Yes, sales tax is charged just as if you were paying with cash or a debit card.

Printing costs $0.15 per sheet for black and white and $0.25 per sheet for color. One sheet is equal to one side of a piece of paper. For example, if you are printing a 2-sided black and white document, it would cost $0.30 total.

Yes, as long as you have adequate funds on your ONECARD.


No. Once a card has been reprinted the old card number is retired and cannot be reused for security purposes. This prevents someone else finding your card and using it.

Yes, you can use Visa, MasterCard or Discover to deposit funds online.

Yes. Checks are made out to Southeast Tech and must include the student's ID number written on the check.

No. Your Southeast Tech ONECARD is not intended to be used like a bank card with ATM features. However, once a student leaves school and is no longer a student, they can be refunded any funds over $15. A check will be mailed to the student from the Business Office.

The money deposited to your account is available immediately.

No. We currently do not have that capability.

No, we do not issue temporary ID cards for students.

No. Your ONECARD is a smart card and has wires throughout the card. Once a hole is punched in the card it will not work and a replacement fee will be charged to get a new one.