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Employer Survey

Graduate Performance at Southeast Technical College

Southeast Tech graduates are in demand and consistently meet employer expectations. Southeast Technical College in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, conducts an employer satisfaction survey, with the most recent results being compiled in 2022. 

Key Findings

2022 Employer Survey

  1. Employer Expectations Met

    Southeast Tech’s graduates overall scores meet employer expectations in several survey categories.

  2. Survey Categories are Diverse

    Skill categories include: oral skills, written skills, customer service, interpersonal skills, problem solving skills, equipment familiarity, technical skills, safety knowledge, computer literacy, basic skills, work ethic and team skills.

  3. Graduates Excel in Top Priority Areas

    Southeast Tech met and exceeded employer expectations for the top priority areas (as indicated by employers): utilizing technology, work ethic and customer service. Graduates also scored high in responsibility and dependability

Overall Performance

In 2022, Southeast Technical college graduates meet and beat employer expectations in several categories.

Bar graph displaying graduate performance in key areas


Priority Ratings

Priority ratings are identified by survey respondents as being most crucial. The colored portion of each graph represents satisfactory and above rankings. 

Working Relationships Using Computers and Information Technology Customer Service
Working Relationships Pie Graph Using Computers Pie Graph Customer Service Pie Graph


The following scale is used for each rating:

4: Exceeds Expectations    3: Meets Expectations   2: Approaching Expectations  1: Does not Meet Expectations
Bob Jarding Headshot

"The students that we have brought into our business have been valuable additions to our team and have exceeded our expectations in every aspect."

– Bob Jarding, President, Electric Supply Co.

Employer Survey Word Cloud