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Dental Radiology

Course | Corporate Education

This hands-on 16-hour course is designed to introduce the participant to basic concepts in dental radiation, including its nature, generation and biologic effects. The primary focus will be on exposing radiographs safely, accurately and achieving consistent results. This course meets requirements of the South Dakota State Board of Dentistry.

Course Objectives

  • Describe radiation physics and characteristics of density, contrast, detail and definition.
  • Identify the units of radiation measurements.
  • Describe x-ray production and controlling factors affecting image quality.
  • Identify biological effects of ionizing radiation and protective measures to protect both patients and operators.
  • Identify infection control techniques in dental radiography.
  • Describe and utilize equipment needed for conventional, digital and panoramic radiography.
  • Expose periapicals and bitewings utilizing film holders on manikins.
  • Identify different techniques used for conventional, digital and panoramic imaging.
  • Mount and label exposed and processed radiographs utilizing the labial mounting system.
  • Describe and identify common radiological errors on conventional and dental imaging and corrections.
  • Identify federal and state regulations pertaining to services offered.



The Dental Radiology Course costs $600 per person. Federal Financial Aid is not available for this course. 

Course Requirements

Participants must have a minimum of 400 documented hours of dental office experience before enrolling in the course. 

Application Process

Fill out the Corporate Education application form. Be sure to select "Dental Radiology Course" from the dropdown menu for your course of interest. 

Corporate Education Application