Horticulture Requirements

Associate Degree Program | 66 Credits

Admission Criteria   Technology Requirements   ADDITIONAL PROGRAM REQUIREMENTS  


Horticulture Technology, AAS
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Admission Criteria

1 of the following:
  • HS GPA: 1.5 GPA - English grade “C” average 
  • GED: 450 
  • ACT: 13 
  • SAT: 730
  • College GPA: 2.0 GPA - Based on 12+ credits. 
  • Professional Discretion 
Students not meeting one of the above criteria are required to take the Next-Generation ACCUPLACER: 
  • Arithmetic: 217
  • Writing: 240 

Additional Program Requirements

Safety Test
At the end of JumpStart, after safety presentations and lab tours, Horticulture Technology students are required to take a Safety Test. The test is administered both on paper and electronically via myTech. Students must achieve a score of 100% before continuing in the program and are not limited in the number of attempts. 

Technology Requirements

Southeast Technical College's Horticulture Technology program is a Bring Your Own Laptop (BYOL) program. You may purchase a laptop on your own or from the Southeast Tech I.T. Support Center.


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