Student at table with open book, writing in notebook with instructor pointing at his page

Academic Excellence

Priority Area 2 - Vision 2025

By 2025, Southeast Technical College will ensure academic excellence through continuous assessment and strengthening of academic programs and recruiting, supporting, and retaining innovative faculty.

Goal 1

Enhance a dynamic, diverse academic environment.

  • Promote innovative teaching and learning practices.
  • Engage students in active, experiential, and service-learning opportunities.
  • Offer alternative learning formats and delivery techniques with an emphasis on expanding student access.
  • Design and implement a recruitment plan for diverse faculty.

Goal 2

Invest in faculty.

  • Develop a salary plan for faculty and allocate financial resources that support the prioritization of retaining high-caliber faculty.
  • Invest in ongoing faculty professional development with a focus on engaging students through high-impact learning strategies and multimodal delivery.
  • Support a “Experience in Your Specialty Day” where all faculty will be required yearly to spend one, 8-hour day with industry partners immersed in their specialty (outside of their current work – if they are currently working in their field).

Goal 3

Commit to continuous improvement of academic programs.

  • Evaluate programs yearly to identify the need for expansion, support, redesign, or phaseout, to ensure quality academic programs.
  • Achieve (re)accreditation of applicable professional programs.
  • Refine PLOs (program learning outcomes) to encompass educational and occupational goals using employer feedback and industry trends.
  • Improve access to pathways for further education and workforce development opportunities.

Goal 4

Promote exceptional, innovative teaching.

  • Encourage pedagogical instruction and mentoring in new faculty on-boarding with a programmatic emphasis.
  • Train and support faculty to meet the needs of a diverse student population.
  • Improve systematic recognition of excellence in teaching and service institution wide.
  • Refine expectations for faculty excellence in teaching and service that inform faculty evaluations and promotion/merit increases.