Students in study group

Student Support

Priority Area 6 - Vision 2025

By 2025, Southeast Technical College will develop and improve academic, environmental and wellness support for its students.

Goal 1

Provide holistic coordinated care across campus through a collaborative network.

  • Train employees to utilize the Navigate system, enabling the campus to meet the needs of students in a more strategic and timely manner.
  • Train students to utilize the resources available in the Navigate system, allowing them to see the resources available to them on our campus and connect with them quickly and easily.

Goal 2

Develop and improve academic support for students.

  • Expand the services of the Academic Resource Center (ARC) by increasing its hours; providing online tutoring; hiring additional tutors, including those trained in working with ELL students; and adding an on-site manager.
  • Increase student access to campus for studying and homework outside of the traditional workday hours, including expanded ARC hours and common spaces in the buildings open late.

Goal 3

Develop and improve environmental support for students.

  • Connect students with existing community resources that encompass health services, food insecurities, financial literacy, housing, transportation and places of worship.
  • Provide need-based grants to help students pay for non-academic expenses.
  • Increase opportunities for students to be employed on campus, such as student ambassadors, work-study and other paid positions outside of work-study.

Goal 4

Develop and improve support for students’ physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

  • Strengthen fitness opportunities at STC by partnering with fitness facilities that provide discounted rates, offering free fitness classes on campus, expanding intramurals, and developing other campus initiatives that encourage physical movement and bring students together.
  • Foster student resilience by increasing awareness of STC personal counseling services and providing life coaching workshops and special events.
  • Work with area businesses to create an activity pass that provides discounted opportunities for students to engage recreational activities in the Sioux Falls area community, such as sporting events, concerts and area attractions.
  • Develop programming specific to students who are parents, increasing family connectedness to campus and sense of belonging and community among this student group.