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Marketing and Awareness

Priority Area 5 - Vision 2025

By 2025, Southeast Technical College will have simplified its message and repeated it over the course of 24-36 months to build city and regional brand recognition for the purpose of sharing the STC story about our mission, students and alumni.

Goal 1

Assess and improve STC’s brand identity, distinguish target audiences and utilize students as brand ambassadors at STC events and throughout digital platforms to help tell the STC story.

  • Conduct demographic research to define parameters for key audiences. 
  • Update and refresh admissions and marketing materials maintaining consistent branding and voice. 
  • Update and refresh branding standards manual, if necessary. 
  • Enhance and unify STC’s interior and exterior signage. 
  • Utilize students as brand ambassadors.

Goal 2

Utilize brand identity and storytelling tactics to promote community awareness and enhance Southeast Technical College’s reputation in the region.

  • Work with Alumni Association to cultivate leads about notable alumni for features, testimonials, and other marketing collateral and across multiple digital platforms
  • Engage with industry leaders for collaboration in telling the Southeast Technical College story.
  • Enhance Southeast Technical College’s presence at community events.

Goal 3

Create and implement an integrated approach to communication, marketing strategies and public relations for all campus communication and events.

  • Tell the Southeast Technical College story in a way that is meaningful and personal to each demographic group.
  • Create a multi-faceted advertising approach to promote Southeast Technical College through traditional and non-traditional media tactics.
  • Diversify Southeast Technical College’s enrollment campaign to include more tactics for specific key audiences and programs.
  • Create targeted marketing plans for new programs and programs with substantial changes.
  • Standardize a request process for marketing services.
  • Create a safe environment that embraces innovation at all levels within the organization.
  • Review existing leadership structure and duties to ensure accountability at all levels.