Student and tutor in library setting


Priority Area 3 - Vision 2025

By 2025, Southeast Technical College will recruit and retain a more diverse campus community.

Goal 1

Conduct employee and student training related to diversity.

  • Benchmark current attitudes and assumptions regarding at-risk populations using assessment tool such as the Intercultural Development Inventory or Harvard’s Implicit Association Test.
  • Offer in-person cultural competency training, including unconscious bias training for all campus community members.
  • Launch self-paced “Fostering an Inclusive Campus” online training modules for employees and students.
  • Host diversity panel with industry partners, employees and students.
  • Offer Adverse Childhood Experiences Survey (ACES) training to all employees, including tutors.

Goal 2

Increase academic support for ELL students.

  • Offer Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol (SIOP) training for employees to support their understanding of and work with non-native English speakers. Tutors will participate in this training.
  • Explore partnerships with Dakota Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL), Department of Labor, Hovland Learning Center, Lutheran Social Services, Multicultural Center and Reach Literacy to enhance opportunities for students with basic literacy needs.

Goal 3

Streamline the admissions process.

  • Continue to explore and offer multiple measures for placement.
  • Track successes and readiness of students who enter via multiple measures.

Goal 4

Improve data collection and management.

  • Utilize data to identify and support first-generation Americans and non-native English speakers.

Goal 5

Develop and support community liaisons.

  • Pilot peer mentorship program to enhance retention and leadership development in students.
  • Explore student ambassador program, drawing on peer mentors and other student groups.
  • Build liaison relationships within targeted communities by meeting with key stakeholders and assessing needs and our ability to offer training and support.

Goal 6

Secure financial resources to enhance access.

  • Source funds to assist with foreign transcript evaluation.
  • Source funds to assist with accommodations evaluation.
  • Source funding for budget of Office of Access and Workforce Opportunity.