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Priority Area 1 - Vision 2025

By 2025, Southeast Technical College will have sustainable and diverse partnerships that increase revenue and improve programming and student engagement.

Goal 1

Foster relationships with industry partners to fulfill the workforce needs of the region.

  • Increase collaboration with existing partners by identifying the top 50
    key stakeholders and nurturing current partnerships.
  • Identify and recruit additional employers and community partners by developing relationships with 25 new stakeholders.
  • Build and strengthen relations with city, county, state, tribal and federal government agencies.
  • Grow and align programs to meet workforce needs.

Goal 2

Expand existing student housing to meet demand, grow access and increase revenue.

  • Work with Housing Foundation to pursue expansion of current STC housing capacity.
  • Work with other Technical Colleges on new state legislation that allows state technical colleges to own and manage their on-campus housing.

Goal 3

Broaden financial support for student recruitment and retention, needed capital projects and improving programs and services.

  • Begin next Foundation comprehensive campaign.
  • Increase Build Dakota and private sponsorships.
  • Improve giving rates among key constituent groups, including alumni, corporations, and foundations, through particular attention to their unique characteristics.
  • Expand grant writing opportunities.
  • Build an Alumni network that engages alumni in everyday life of the college across campus.

Goal 4

Grow the support of community engagement activities to improve alignment with the Sioux Falls regional community.

  • Expand community engagement activities.
  • Encourage employees of college to serve in leadership positions in economic, civic, and other community organizations throughout the service area.

Goal 5

Increase educational collaboration and partnerships with school districts, colleges and universities.

  • Increase high school dual credit offerings to attract and strengthen the number of students who stay in our communities after graduation to attend college.
  • Collaborate on college-bound, college readiness, and pathway initiatives.
  • Collaborate with USD Sioux Falls.
  • Continue to develop new academic pathways with college and universities through academic articulations.
  • Develop dual admission partnerships with college and universities.