group of co-workers with laptop and coffees around table

Organizational Culture

Priority Area 4 - Vision 2025

By 2025, Southeast Technical College will improve the culture on campus with a focus on employees.

Goal 1

Develop a culture within leadership that aligns with the college’s mission and values.

  • Develop a communication plan to outline methods and timeline for delivery to ensure all employees get a clear, concise, consistent and coordinated message.
  • Engage in leadership development activities on an annual basis toward fulfillment of campus professional development requirements.
  • Create a safe environment that embraces innovation at all levels within the organization.
  • Review existing leadership structure and duties to ensure accountability at all levels.

Goal 2

Integrate STC values into the day-to-day operations of the college.

  • Include STC values in job descriptions, hiring interview questions, committee agendas and evaluation forms.
  • Communicate and encourage the “STC Way.”

Goal 3

Expand opportunities for employees to interact, collaborate and socialize with one another inside and outside of work.

  • Hold events twice per semester.
  • Create a line item for employee events in the budget.

Goal 4

Develop Human Resource procedures that promote employee satisfaction.

  • Evaluate job descriptions annually to ensure an accurate reflection of employee’s duties and manageable workload.
  • Create guidelines for annual assessment of job descriptions and workloads.
  • Develop an institutional on-boarding checklist for use in HR.
  • Develop a departmental on-boarding checklist for use by the supervisor.
  • Integrate the STC Way into the existing evaluation process for faculty.
  • Develop an evaluation process for staff that includes the STC Way and expectation pillars mirroring faculty evaluation (Service to STC, Service to the Community, Professional Development, and Role Specific Pillar).

Goal 5

Create an employee recognition program.

  • Research effective employee recognition programs at outside organizations.
  • Develop a recognition program that encompasses the STC Way.
  • Launch the recognition program.

Goal 6

Implement employee compensation and incentive structure.

  • Explore alternative salary structures.
  • Explore non-monetary incentives (“employee perks” – reduced fee activities and services offered to STC employees)
  • Conduct a compensation study using a third-party reviewer.
  • Review all current salary ranges and compare with the results of the
    compensation study.